Are they selling us broken games or are we becoming testers?.

I have encouraged myself to write this article because I am seeing that recently another “disease” in the world of video games is becoming very fashionable, which could well be the logical evolution of that virus that we call “DLC”. I mean the fact put unfinished games on the market.

It is true, it is not something as widespread as downloadable content, but they are falling into this, let’s call it a mistake, even large companies that used to release the most solid games. I guess it won’t just be me who has the feeling that games are not tested as before, that although they were much simpler than those of today, if they came to our hands with bugs and glitches, they were usually something anecdotal.

To take a quick example and use a saga that consumes many people, can you imagine what would have happened if GTA: San Andreas I would have had the garage bug that came standard with GTA V?

Are they selling us broken games or are we becoming testers?

So that those who do not know what I am talking about, the vehicles that you kept in your garages in GTA V disappeared in a short time, so that apart from the car you wasted time and money that you would have spent finding / buying it, tuning it, etc.

And there are more examples, and not all of them are trifles, surely while you read, some will come to mind. The last and bloodiest I can think of is the 20GB multiplayer patch from the recent Master Chief Collection by Halo. Didn’t there fit more records in the box or what?

Are they selling us broken games or are we becoming testers?

These timely patches are the crux of the question: Are you starting to take less care at certain points of development games because they can fix it afterwards? Does someone who is paid to test the game really not notice these bugs, some so basic?

Obviously this too has its positive sideSince there is feedback from the internet, social networks, etc., developers can get to work fixing something that has been overlooked; what I find intolerable is that it is the daily bread, and a week after buying a game you endorse an update because a certain secondary mission is unplayable.

Are they selling us broken games or are we becoming testers?

In summary, these updates, patches, or whatever you want to call them are usually fairly trivial things, but, at least in my opinion, the one that is becoming a habit is still a disrespect to the playerIt is as if they said “Take this game, we have tested it at 90%, you will tell us if something fails in the other 10% so that we can fix it.” And that if they fix it and do not mark a Batman: Arkham Origins,Clear.