The launch of a new Nintendo console has always been a great event, but its dominance in sales in recent years means that the launch of new hardware from the Japanese company is also a special event for the entire business. Hopefully, the eyes of the entire industry will turn to Japan this Saturday, when 3DS finally reaches the hands of its eager consumers.

Nintendo is sure that it is already preparing statistics and press releases, because with the enormous coverage it is going to generate it is going to become the center of attention for a few days. Almost every console released in recent years has been defined to some extent as “the most important launch ever made, but those statistics are of little use when demand far outstrips supply on launch day – which means they don’t. it is both an achievement in sales and insufficient manufacturing.

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Therefore, the useful information that can be gleaned from the launch of a hardware platform is limited. There will be queues, there will be a shortage of consoles while trying to meet the demand of the first few weeks – but as Nintendo’s past successes have shown, the console hardware business is a marathon and not a sprint, and it will be 3DS ‘ability to keep up The long-term pace rather than the excitement of its launch will determine the success or failure of the system.

In Japan there is no doubt that the launch of 3DS is generating more and more excitement as the day approaches. Reservations for the system were closed weeks ago and unscrupulous consumers are selling their reservation tickets online for outrageous prices. Some electronics stores have demo units, with long lines forming to enjoy the console for a few minutes.

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Although no further bookings can be made, Nintendo’s advertising machine has not slowed down, flooding city centers with advertisements alongside popular pop group Arashi, which has put a face on DS and Wii advertising in Japan over the years. last years. TV commercials show group members testing its features, such as the 3D camera, although it is obvious that the marketing team is still having trouble showing the benefits of 3D in an advertising medium that is inherently 2D.

Everything indicates that the launch will be a great success. Although things cooled off when it was revealed that the launch software would not include heavyweights like Mario or Zelda, this just means that the console will have a sales spike when these games finally hit stores. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s lack of strong titles will provide a good reception for games like Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV 3D or Level 5’s Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle.

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The short-term success of 3DS is guaranteed by a combination of positive factors – strong support from developers, strong consumer interest thanks to the glasses-free 3D technology and, of course, the massive inertia of DS as a platform. In the medium term, the company needs to focus on overcoming the aforementioned difficulty of advertising the 3D game in 2D media – a challenge that it can surely overcome by bringing the device into the hands of consumers at massive sample events and encouraging users to act as evangelists with word of mouth.

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