We understand why Persona 4 Golden is so good, and why it’s worth skipping even now.

Production Persona 4 gold on the PC was a real surprise. On June 13, the game just appeared in Steam – with no announcements or pre-orders. But the public enthusiastically accepted it: Persona 4 Golden debuted at number four on the platform’s sales peak, while nearly thirty thousand people sat down to play it. Impressive numbers for the genre – and even more for the port of the old console game, which came out without much hype or hype.

The reputation of the original worked better than any commercial: it was simply impossible to pass the game, which critics and gamers alike hailed. And, more importantly, Persona 4 Golden over the years has not lost its relevance. It hangs out more often than many new products, and the plot makes you not only worry about the fate of the heroes, but also think about many modern issues.

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No one is coming!

At all, Character – This is not just another famous Japanese RPG series. Even as part of this extravagant genre, she always stood out for psychologism and hot topics. In 1996 Atlus decided to diversify the plots and the Shin Megami Tensei mechanics replace the post-apocalyptic environment with a modern one. The true gods and demons became the embodiments of the collective unconscious, and the chosen heroes became simple school children who suddenly faced a paranormal plague. Thus was born Révélations: persona , which marked the beginning of this series.

Persona 4 Golden on PC.  Why did the port of the old Japanese RPG go above Steam sales?

Analytical psychology terms are not used here just for a red word: “Persona” seriously refers to archetypes, shadows, and other concepts created by Carl Gustav Jung. The characters in the series have to deal not only with external enemies, but also with their own complexes, wounds, and mistakes from the past. In addition, not alone, but with the help of other people – so the characters also learn to understand and accept each other.

The series was ahead of its time: using games as a method of therapy or a way to make growth-themed social commentary has only become fashionable in the past five years. “Nobody” does not hesitate to talk about the important thing for twenty-four years, and for that she is particularly loved. In addition, it still has no worthy competitors in this area. They tried to become created by immigrants from Atlus Effect Caligula but, alas, with a good idea, the performance was disappointing.

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In the opening video Persona 3 Portable the number of terms per second of screen time is simply renewed

But, despite people’s love, the franchise was in no rush to leave their Playstation (But it was rated on all Sony consoles from PS1 to PS4, and watched PSP with Vita). The only port on the PC before that was just the very first Persona in 1999, so it’s no surprise that previously unreached audiences rushed to join the legend. After all, this is not another vanilla story of how brave knights and pretty witches save the world from disaster, but something truly unusual.

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Mom i’m on tv

At the heart of the events of the Persona 4 Golden is a student who had to temporarily move from the capital to the peaceful provincial town of Inaba: the guy’s parents took a business trip abroad, and his son took been sent to his uncle. However, life on the outskirts is not as boring as the hero expected. Shortly after arriving in Inaba, a terrible incident occurs: the corpse of a scandalous journalist wrapped in wires lies on the antenna of one of the houses. A few days later, the girl who discovered the body catches the same fate – the police overturned, but found no clue.

Life in the province seems boring and bland. But when trouble does arise, you begin to remember the silent evenings behind a TV with nostalgia.

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The protagonist and his new friends decide to conduct their own investigation. And very unusual: the guys discover the possibility of going through the TV screen and entering a surreal world inhabited by monsters. Additionally, according to a resident of this friendly unexpected world, someone is sending people there to be torn to pieces by monsters. But who? How? ‘Or’ What? Why? What kind of world is it and how does it relate to reality? Is it possible to close the road once and for all in order to avoid further tragedies? The answers to all these questions must be found by the heroes.

Murder investigation – Not for the faint of heart

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fake mirror

At first glance, we see an ordinary teenage mystical sleuth story. But the devil, as usual, lies in the details – more precisely, in the subtext of the story. The world with monsters on the other side of the TV screen doesn’t seem so metaphorical for nothing: it was created by the collective unconscious, which means it’s filled with our fears and suppressed emotions. . And there are also the Shadows – the physical embodiment of qualities that we don’t want to notice in us and deny in any way. It is with them that the heroes must fight to advance in the investigation … and to accept themselves, no matter how bad this real “I” is.

The truth can hurt, but it’s better to accept it than to run away forever

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And no, complexes of teenagers from the Japanese hinterland from twelve years ago (originally Persona 4 went to Playstation 2 in 2008, and its augmented version of Golden – already in 2012 on Playstation vita) don’t seem modern and wacky aliens. Our ideas about ourselves, about what is right and wrong, are formed under the influence of attitudes imposed by society. But they don’t change that fast and don’t vary that much from country to country. The game shows how destructive gender stereotypes can be, self-humiliation and idealization of others, loss of personality behind masks that suit society… It would be clearer to talk about specific hero issues , but Atlus asks us to refrain from spoilers, and we don’t want to spoil the trip to Inaba who else was not there.

Persona 4 Golden on PC.  Why did the port of the old Japanese RPG go above Steam sales?

At the same time, Persona 4 Golden doesn’t get bored with excessive intelligence or moralization. Her characters don’t just delve into themselves and talk about high – they live full lives with a bunch of little events like sea trips or fruitless culinary experiences. And adventures from another world take a long time: the monsters themselves will not be defeated!

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Gold does not rust

Clearly defining the Persona 4 genre isn’t that easy: we have a hybrid of role-playing games and visual novels. The gameplay in the other world is a classic dungeon simulator with turn-based battles and procedurally generated mazes. Small useful things are hidden in the alleys, monsters roam the halls, and at the end there is a huge and dangerous boss – in a word, an old school lover’s paradise.

Monsters, like heroes, have weaknesses and immunity to various types of attacks. Fortunately, you don’t need to keep them in your head: once you find the vulnerability or immunity, the system will show them. And the browser friend will usefully (and obsessively) start suggesting what is best done

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As in any classic role-playing game, heroes can be pumped up, equipped with various weapons and armor. Not everyone can choose their skills. Friends of the protagonist can only develop in one direction: one heals, the other blows wind, the third fried on fire, etc. – it all depends on the specifics of their characters and unique people. Only the main character can change his characters at will, receive them as a reward after the battle or even create new ones. In addition, they also level up and learn new skills, like a kind of metaphysical Pokémon.

You can make friends not only with people, but also with a stern fox!

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But it is impossible to reveal the full potential of people without social ties – the very “dating simulator” that appeared in Persona 3.and has become an integral part of the series. Get the location of coworkers and other friends, choosing the right answers from dialog boxes, and you can create stronger people. Develop your social skills like courage and perseverance, and you can widen your circle of acquaintances and at the same time learn more about the world and the characters. It sounds simple, but it’s the communication that brings diversity to the game and quickens its pace. After all, the protagonist has so many friends, hobbies and side jobs, and so few times in days! Everything is just like in real life.

Let’s start with the middle

Some gamers are wondering whether to start getting acquainted with the series with part four – and to no avail. As with Final Fantasy , the series’ plots are only linked together by a handful of barely noticeable references, so anyone who hasn’t played in the previous parts won’t lose anything.

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For the Atlus PC release (this is the rare case when the developer himself is engaged in the port, and does not involve a third party company), he painted high resolution portraits, and brought the textures to a divine form. The age of the game is still noticeable, especially in the background, but it looks decent. It wasn’t worth the wait, as this is exactly the port with PS Vita, and not a remaster

Gameplay of course Persona 5 (and more Persona 5 royal ) much richer in different chips and mini-games, and palaces with their architecture and thoughtful puzzles are more interesting to navigate than the randomly generated mazes. And the last part of the series looks a lot more modern. But the difference between the projects is not so great that it avoids the fourth part as a kind of archaism.

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Unlike the third and fifth parts, Persona 4 mainly refers to Japanese mythology, so for the western player the references will not be so obvious. But it’s a great reason to broaden your horizons and learn more about Izanami and Izanagi, Konohanasakuya, Tomoe Godzen and other gods and heroes of the land of the rising sun.

The “person” debate is the best plot, and the most serious topic has yet to disappear among fans. Most respected Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment but we’ll be honest: only the most seasoned fans of the series and genre will now pick up games for the first PlayStation.

Well, choosing the best story from the games in the latest trilogy is like discussing the prettiest color. It’s a question of taste. Gothic pathos and reflections on the perishability of being in Persona 3 will prove to be closer to each other – a call to rebel against a vicious system and find inner freedom in Persona 5, in the third – research of truth and introspection in Persona 4. There are no passing games here: each one is good and interesting to you. And the fourth part, perhaps, will be even the most vital and topical of our time of gender criticism and the fight against stereotypes.

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Atlus clearly believes that it is simply impossible to love one “person” and ignore the rest, so fans are happy with crossovers like the Persona q role-playing series and Persona 4 arena fighting game.

The success of Persona 4 Golden on PC is a prime example that originality will always come in the price, and word of mouth works better than any ad. A great game from the original series has found new fans and made old screeners nostalgic for the big screen – and that’s great news.

As well as the gradual development of a new platform, committed to Atlus. Hopefully the success of Classic Catherine and Persona 4 Golden will inspire developers to wear other time-tested classics. And there you can dream of new products or remasters.

Source: Game Informer

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