The best releases of the week and the biggest discounts in online stores.

Hi You’ve read the regular “What to Play This Week” column and we’re still running out of headlines. But all the games in the selection are original and have great potential, and most importantly, the fun is half of Russian developers. So in this version:

  • we are building a garden city on Saturn’s satellite in an unusual strategy Titanium industries;
  • try not to kill yourself in suicide simulator Beat harder;
  • We study a promising horror One day you will come back Czech developers;
  • and finally leave traces on the dusty paths of distant planets in a survival simulator Zero population.
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Titanium industries

Developer: Prepare yourselves

Editor: Prepare yourselves

Platforms: Pc

Strategy Industries of Titan is the new Canadian Studio game Prepare for the games. For five years, they have released something unique: bagel rhythm Necrodancer’s Crypt, which now has 96% positive reviews on Steam. But it was purely independent, but their new project doesn’t look any worse than the more expensive competitors – and is cutting edge again.

To begin with, it is an urban construction simulator: you will be responsible for building an industrial center on Titan, the satellite of Saturn. At the same time, it is an economic manager in which you have to organize the extraction of raw materials and the production of goods. And finally, it is also a military strategy: across the solar system, various factions fight to have influence, and sometimes to protect their interests, resort to violence. You can crush enemies with economic power or gain political support, but it’s best to build your own military fleet and refine the structure with gunfire and explosions. By the way, you also have to personally think about the design and construction of warships.

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Unfortunately, this honey barrel also contains a fly in the ointment: the game is accessible early and even as a temporary exclusive on the Epic Games store. Many tokens are not yet available: for example, the combat system is still in its infancy, but in the future they plan to add a lot of everything, up to the possibility of boarding ships. So you can wait, but now you can help the project – it’s a really smart team that deserves support.

Beat harder

Developer: Snail-Ninja Studio

Editor: Snail-Ninja Studio

Platforms: Pc

Beat harder – Another game that looks nothing like him, but this time from a Russian developer. According to the plot, an alien parasite infuses the protagonist, who tries to swallow his brain. Our department falls into a coma and begins to see a dream very similar to reality. If he stays in this dream too long, the parasite will take possession of his consciousness, but if he has time to commit suicide, the dream will end and the hero will wake up with a weapon in his hand.

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But where exactly he wakes up is a big question. Maybe he’s already awake? Or is it just another nightmare? It is necessary to resolve quickly. If you delay the choice, you become a parasite puppet, and if you accidentally pull yourself into reality, of course, you will die. So you have to run feverishly around the house looking for signs that you are still asleep. Found an elephant in the closet, noticed the absence of its shadow, a strange reflection in the mirror, missing items? Don’t hesitate to shoot. However, at first it will be very difficult to distinguish a dream from reality. If in doubt, the game has a free trial on Steam.

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One day you will come back

Developer: CBE software

Editor: CBE software

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

What to play + the best discounts of the week.  Titan Industries, Knock Harder, Someday I'll Be Back, Population Zero

Next in line is a promising horror story One day you will come back. The main character named Daniel had a disaster: his daughter Stella escaped. Well, she would run away, so no – she went to the threatening woods, a mysterious place in his past where he vowed never to return. But for the sake of her daughter, the promise must of course be broken. However, the main thing that makes us watch the game is not the plot, but the people who do it. You’ve probably never heard of a Czech studio. CBE softwarebut in the past she was known for excellent research JULIA .: Among the starswhich got very high marks from the players. But quests are not popular at the moment, so the game never became a success. And this time the studio came back with a much more expensive and bigger project. As before, development is led by Jan Cavan and Lucas Medek.

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Zero population

Developer: Enplex Games

Editor: Enplex Games

Platforms: Pc

What to play + the best discounts of the week.  Titan Industries, Knock Harder, Someday I'll Be Back, Population Zero

Another project from Russia – survival simulator Zero population. The plot is simple: an Earthlings spacecraft crashes and hundreds of people land in life pods on the planet Kepler. You’re one of them, and it’s just up to you if the main character will extend the 168 hours of survival play.

You can become a lone wolf, explore the world and know the intrigue. You can organize a hunt for a large monster, as in the series Monster hunter. Crafts, resource hunting – there are many activities for individuals and small groups. And for die-hard fans, there is an option with PvP, where players can kill each other, tear up corpses, smash buildings – usually creating chaos common to this genre. Well, for the really cool, there’s a super hardcore single life mode. By the way, for those who play poorly and constantly die, there is a separate bonus: each death increases the level of mutations, so sooner or later you will become an evil monster who can tear anyone apart with your bare hands. True, his life is only one and lasts up to four hours, but this is enough to completely free himself and take revenge on all the offenders. In short, the project is clearly ambitious – let’s see what happens to it.

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As usual, we start with gifts. In the shop Epic games horror spreads Amnesia: The Dark Descent and role-playing action Crashlands. And there are no more discounts – we notice this because you asked in the comments where the ‘epics’ discounts went.

In Steam now the silence: a few interesting sales have managed to seep between our releases, so you have to settle for the usual weekly set. And there is 75% off a series Might & Magic! There are both separate parts and a rather interesting collection of three issues: for 600 rubles you will receive the fifth and seventh parts of “Heroes”, plus an arcade Clash of Heroes. A sequel will be released recently. ATOM RPG called “City of work”, so the original was reduced to 350 rubles. And for 600, they give a two-year role Vampire. If you want something new and original, please Lobotomy Corporation – for 232 rubles you become the head of a prison in which the most terrible and dangerous monsters are kept and studied.

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What to play + the best discounts of the week.  Titan Industries, Knock Harder, Someday I'll Be Back, Population Zero

In the service Gog This week is a pretty unusual sale. The discounts are small, there are no blockbusters, but there are a lot of new games in the collection that have come out this year or last year. First place in the buds Bloodstained: ritual of the night – The price has dropped by a third and costs 1050 rubles. Retro games are also popular: shooter Ionic anger et bitmap City girls by the river costs about 350 rubles. Puzzle The pedestrian and tactical role play Risk of iron can be taken for 340 and 640 rubles, respectively. And cult classics worth paying attention Mirror edge: this week it will cost only 80 rubles.

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At the store Sony Japanese strike sales are back, but not much has changed since the last time around: residents, finals, etc. Much more interesting is the second sale with games up to 1500 rubles. With good discounts you can play games Ubisoft and Bethesda or updated series Hitman. for example Anger 2 and Hitman 2 give for 1200 rubles, Far cry 5 and God of the war – for 900, Fallout 4 – for 600, but very underestimated Titanfall 2 – and all for 374 rubles.

What to play + the best discounts of the week.  Titan Industries, Knock Harder, Someday I'll Be Back, Population Zero

Sure Xbox One is on sale Assassin’s creed. Individual games, sets – there’s it all. For $ 30, you can pick up a collection of three projects: Black Flag, Unity, and Syndicate. And for 15 – three more games with Ezio. You can also search for deluxe editions Mass effect: andromeda and Dark Souls III: the first costs $ 10 and the second a little over 20. The flight simulator is in high demand Bait Fight 7 – with a 67% discount, it costs less than $ 20.

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Sure Nintendo Switch Russian Games Week: Club de punch and Cemetery keeper from the studio Lazy bear games doubled in price, costing 524 and 750 rubles, respectively. The Rogue simulator has also been halved. Beholder 2Now it costs 180 rubles. Well, with the support of our developers, you can spend a pretty penny to buy one of Nintendo’s major exclusive shooters. Splatoon 2. It is true that the “hundred” in this case is equal to three thousand rubles …

And that’s all for today. What are you going to play this week? Maybe you noticed a discount that we didn’t mention? Tell us in the comments!

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