Artificial intelligence makes mincemeat of pro Dota 2 players during The International 7.

The Guard comes in harder than the cork of a champagne bottle after a Dota 2 tournament win. Uhh, with game news: $ 10 million in Team Liquid prize money, over 50 hours and 80 activities in Destiny 2, an artificial intelligence that kills eSporters, a new weapon for Splatoon 2, and more. Good afternoon!

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Artificial intelligence makes mincemeat of pro Dota 2 players during The International 7

Team Liquid cringet with champagne after winning 10 million in Dota 2 tournament

The winner of The International 7, a Dota 2 tournament with over 24 million in prize pool, is Team Liquid. By winning 3-0 in the final against team Newbee they convincingly won the top prize of $ 10 million, but what happened afterwards … The Guard is somewhat disappointed that a group of guys called Team Liquid cannot handle liquids at all going, although that seems to be just a curse resting on eSports in recent years. Team Liquid was the umpteenth team that turned out not to be able to open a champagne bottle normally. Okay, admittedly, one of the Luiqidians did it after half a minute, but he too was stunned to watch the bottle being opened correctly by someone from The International crew. It makes a difference that they can all write a few extra millions in their bank account; In any case, they never have to open their own bottles again.

Destiny 2 features over 50 hours of story content with over 80 missions and activities

In the latest issue of Edge Magazine, some things have become clear about the content of Destiny 2, specifically the number of activities that players can focus on (in PvE) and the amount of time they will spend at least just doing the story. According to Edge, Destiny 2’s story will be a lot more cohesive and compelling than that of its predecessor, and it will receive more content on top of that. There are story missions, Strikes, Patrols, new Adventures, Lost Sectors and World Quests; According to Edge, these are more than 80 missions and activities in total. “… And each is substantial – in length, challenge, story and reward.” It almost sounds too good to be true.

Artificial intelligence makes mincemeat of pro Dota 2 players during The International 7

It is of course difficult to count the number of activities in a game with the scale of Destiny or Destiny 2, but partly due to Edge’s article it seems that the sequel will at least once as much content as part 1 (the base game). contain. Salient detail; There is reportedly so much content in the game that after 55 hours of gaming, the developers were almost done with character development, while there were still PvE activities to experience. The progression system has since been overhauled to better match the amount of content, but that doesn’t mean anything of course. Other notable points Edge Magazine raises (via Reddit):

  • The beta did not contain the final implementation of how Energy weapons work against AI combatants with elemental shields; when the shield is depleted, it explodes, nuking any enemies that happen to be nearby.
  • Nightfall strikes now have a time limit (varying by Strike; one example was 13 minutes) so efficiency and settling on a strategy beforehand will be important.
  • The hunter [..] left the reviewers happy that the class will shape up well.

Whatever the case, we will be able to experience for ourselves how much content Destiny 2 actually contains from September 6. The MMO shooter will then be released for PS4 and Xbox One; PC users will have to wait until October 24th.

Artificial intelligence makes mincemeat of pro Dota 2 players during The International 7

Artificial intelligence makes mincemeat of professional Dota 2 player

There was more going on during The International 7 than just splitting $ 24 million and a rock-hard champagne cringe. A first for The International, as nothing short of artificial intelligence was up against a pro Dota 2 player named Dendi. The AI ​​received a sick reveal (which you can watch in the video below), and turned out to be a version of OpenAI. OpenAI is a non-profit organization dedicated to artificial intelligence research, co-founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. The organization is non-profit because it makes all its patents and research public, and thus can collaborate with all kinds of companies and other organizations, including a Dota tournament.

The OpenAI team never taught artificial intelligence how to play Dota 2; he has played “lifetimes of 1 v 1” against himself, learning the rules of the game. Dota 2 already contains bots, of course, but they pale in comparison to the intelligence of OpenAI. Besides Dendi, a few other pro players were also allowed to compete against OpenAI as a warm-up, and they were all surprised. “It’s just a bot,” were Dendi’s famous last words, and it soon turned out that the AI ​​uses nifty tricks, is incredibly aggressive, and remembers EVERYTHING. He finished Dendi completely in two games, and the Guard thinks it’s crazy to see an artificial intelligence kick that much . You probably too, have a look below.

Artificial intelligence makes mincemeat of pro Dota 2 players during The International 7

Next year, OpenAI will likely return, with a 5 vs. 5 game against five pro players. Hopefully we will see the AI ​​come back a lot more often, and players can start training against it so that we get super human pro players. If you break out in a sweat now while you see the Singularity – in addition to the end of the current humanity also a very entertaining game – do not panic. People who came to the tournament were allowed to compete against the AI, and were awarded an Arcana-grade item (the hardest to get and most expensive items in the game). Valve gave away 50, and soon they were all forgiven because players realized that the bot could not properly handle absurd strategies like kiting. Human vs AI: 1 – 1.

You know this canceled Leprechaun deathmatch game Gnomageddon?

Warcraft 3 gets a new test server in honor of its 15th anniversary

A month ago, RTS game Warcraft III celebrated its fifteenth birthday. As a late birthday present, Blizzard has created a so-called Public Test Realm (PTR), and it’s more than just throwing a server online. The game is better balanced and the maps are adjusted here and there for the new test environment. Some of these adjustments are for the look of the game, and adjustments such as balancing creep camps at the start of games and increasing resources are for gameplay. For the rest, Warcraft III is still the same game as you are used to, although Blizzard is not finished yet. One of the things that will in any case be overhauled is the matchmaking system, but whether it will stop there is unclear. Check out all the info here, including how to play yourself.

This can be found outside the cameras of Banjo-Tooie

YouTuber Shesez is back with a new video about the off-camera secrets that games contain. This time it is Banjo-Tooie’s turn, which produces images of half characters, eyes hanging in the air and UFOs. It remains interesting to see what developers have thrown into games with the idea that the player would never be able to see it, and how certain mechanics are realized and take shape behind the scenes in an old game like this.

Artificial intelligence makes mincemeat of pro Dota 2 players during The International 7

Messing around with an umbrella is possible starting today in Splatoon 2

As promised, Splatoon 2 is getting a slew of free DLC, and today brings us a unique weapon: the Splat Brella. The umbrella can be used as a shield, but can also be fired like a missile, and will be available in the Ammo Knights store from next night.

Tonight at 7 PM PT, the Splat Brella comes to Ammo Knights in # Splatoon2! Use it to shield yourself from attacks or fire it like a rocket.

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) August 11, 2017

Artificial intelligence makes mincemeat of pro Dota 2 players during The International 7

Fourth Spotlight Episode WWE 2K18 showcase graphic improvements

The release of WWE 2K18 will be two months before the release of WWE 2K18, and in the run-up to October 17, the game’s YouTube channel will reflect on all the improvements over last year. Today, the graphics take center stage, and for comparison we see side-by-side screenshots from WWE17 and WWE18, especially those of Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar. The video clearly shows that there has been a graphical upgrade – the wrestlers’ models have been rebuilt and look a lot more lifelike, which is also due to the better exposures and muscle finish. Just look at those abs. LOOK AT IT.

Tripping with the trailer of colorful exploration game Shape of the World

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