Today the penultimate episode of the animated series aired Star Wars: The Clone Wars called “Broken”who showed how Ahsoku and Dark Maul influenced by ordinance 66.

Here are the spoilers for the latest episodes of the animated series.

The new series is part of the final storyline The siege of Mandalore which not only brings the animated series to Revenge of the Sith but also takes place parallel to the plot of the film.

After the last episode, Ahsoka defeated Darth Maul in a match Mandalore, he is captured and the characters accompany him to the capital of the Republic – Coruscant. Earlier Maul told Ahsoka it was his old teacher Anakin Skywalker the balance of power in the galaxy will change, but she didn’t believe it.

Ahsoki Duel with Maul

Along with these dismantling Obi-Wan the general meets Painful sure Utapauand the Jedi Council decides to openly oppose the Chancellor Palpatinewho took all the power in hand.

When a ship with Ahsoka, Maul and Rexom flies into hyperspace, she feels the outrage in the Force caused by the events in Palpatine’s office, when Anakin came to the rescue – kill Mace Window and become a student of the future emperor.

Soon after, Rex, like the other clones, receives from Palpatine order 66, which they undoubtedly realize thanks to the chip that he implanted during the creation. As you know, this order required the clones to hunt down the Jedi and destroy them all.

Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith

Most knights did not expect such betrayal and died at the hands of those they had literally fought with recently.

In the animated series, Rex tried to resist the Order, but in the end he always attacked Ahsoku along with other clones – although he did manage to name the clone with the nickname ” Five “which previously revealed the story of the plot.

Order 66 in the animated series

Ahsoka manages to escape and, in the process, she frees Darth Maul, using him as a distraction. Later in the episode, there is a scene reminiscent of a famous moment with Dark Vador of Outcast Oneif he goes down the hall.

However, Mol now has his own version of this scene.

The result is that Asoka can save Rex from the flea using droids, and there is another reference in the scene. Outcast One, when one of the characters in the group sang a mantra “The force is flowing in me, I am one with the force. ” In this case, Ahsoka does.

The episode ends with Rex telling Asoka about the plight of the Jedi and the clones. The latter come to them at the same time with rifles ready.

Interestingly, the comic book version is slightly different from the description of the events told in the heroine novel, released a few years ago.

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According to the old version, Rex and several other clones removed their chips so that they didn’t respond in the same order, and this was given when the characters were still on Mandalore. Later, Ahsoka and Rex faked their deaths and even built a “burial place,” now hiding from the Empire’s troops.

Despite the fact that the events of the Clone Wars have effectively ended, the animated series will have one final episode, which will already be released. May 4, the day of Star Wars.

Source: Game Informer