Today, the team of Ubisoft and the well-known clothing chain Reebok, announced the arrival of their first capsule collection, created in a special collaboration, to celebrate the launch of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the next chapter in the well-known Assassin’s Creed series.

The bespoke collection features three shoe models, available in exclusive colors inspired by the Aurora Polaris. Below are the descriptions of the clothing items, as reported in the official press release:

  • Zig Kinetica (€ 119.95): inspired by the deep darkness of Nordic nights and the lights of the polar aurora, the Zig Kinetica x ASSASSIN’S CREED VALHALLA features a black contoured mesh upper and an ultra-responsive sole with the characteristic design emerald green zigzag. With a nod to the Viking lifestyle, the silhouette features the symbol of Synin, a raven that represents Nordic mythology and accompanies the protagonist Eivor along his path.
  • Club C Revenge (€ 89.95): simpler but versatile, the Club C Revenge x ASSASSIN’S CREED VALHALLA features a soft suede upper with captivating emerald green and black details; on the heel there is a double battle ax, an iconic symbol of the Viking culture in Norse mythology.
  • Classic Leather Legacy (€ 89.95): characterized by a cold gray upper with shades of emerald green, the Classic Leather Legacy x ASSASSIN’S CREED VALHALLA, with a silhouette inspired by retro running models, is perfect for those who don’t know how to choose between present and past . The raven depicted in relief on the heel again refers to the deep meaning that the Vikings attributed to these creatures.

The collection also includes two hooded sweatshirts (€ 64.95 each), a cap (€ 27.95) and matching socks (€ 14.95). Each garment bears the ASSASSIN’S CREED X REEBOK logo, as well as additional symbols such as ravens and axes, characteristic of Norse mythology.

The collection will be available starting today, November 7, on the official Reebok website and from November 11 at selected retailers.

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Sweatshirt_with_ hood_Assassin_s_Creed_Nero_GS4921_13_standard

In the meantime, we remind you that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be released on November 10, 2020 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Store and Stadia. The title will also arrive on PlayStation 5 starting November 12, the launch date of the console in America.

Source : Reddit