Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Yes, there is more AC than the hidden blade!

The first long trailer for the Viking assassin has arrived and the first opinions are being formed. Most striking event: the hidden blade. “Of course, it was the AC moment par excellence. Then there weren’t a few voices directly on Twitter and Youtube, whose opinion can be summed up as follows: This is no longer an AC, I don’t want to play a warrior, but an assassin, “what the series was once dead. “

I admit that it has changed a lot in terms of game and subject, it’s true. But not for the worse. The Vikings are now another marker on the way, the old conspiracy theories that other powers are pulling the strings behind the visible. The series played with it from the first part. None of this was new, if you want a more complex version of this story, check out the Pen & Paper Mage: The Ascension of the 90s, in which magicians and technocrats act with supernatural skills behind the scenes, the doing in almost the same roles Assassins and Templars in an exchange of blows sometimes not always natural.

Assassin_s_Creed_Valhalla _____ Cinematic_World_Premiere_Trailer______Ubisoft__DE__0_28_screenshot

I expect Assassin’s Creed to use the basic hardware relatively accurately, but at the same time, it will take liberties with regards to its good and bad side. And I think they are mainly based on Odyssey, where the conflicts, including those behind the great battles, took place mainly on a personal level. Neither the Greeks nor the Spartans were good or bad, this fight provided the context for the stories actually told and the game went very well with them. I’m waiting for the same direction here.

Assassin_s_Creed_Valhalla _____ Cinematic_World_Premiere_Trailer______Ubisoft__DE__0_52_screenshot

Let me put it negatively: with the formula set out in Origins and Odyssey, it doesn’t matter if an Egyptian pharaoh’s bodyguard, Spartan or Viking wanders the vast world – by the way, I’m already looking forward to seeing the stormy North Sea also a bit like the green hills of England. The mechanics work, whether I want to conquer a Roman camp, a Greek career or an English camp. Nothing will change to sneak in, hide and choose leaders as effectively as possible. No more than random encounters, boat trips, RPG mechanics, etc. Everything can be transferred one by one. The fact that a battle should now be seen in the trailer for Aufpeitscher is largely due to the dramaturgy, but even that fits the model. Battles have already been attempted at Odyssey and will now take place here.

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