If you’re an independent team of just two people and hit the box office with a magnificent game like Monument Valley and its excellent sequel, the risk of lifting your head is pretty high.

Many in these conditions decide to persevere by enjoying the series that made them famous to the point of getting bored, others instead change course to show that the previous shots were not just luck. Ustwo has chosen this second option and is being revised with a game that was originally released on Apple Arcade and landed on Nintendo Switch.

Game mechanics Assemble carefully they are simple and similar to a puzzle game, although very specific. In this delicate pastel-colored mini-adventure, you play as a young girl named Maria, who, after deciding to take a break from her life, arrives in a coastal village called Bellariva, where a food festival is in the works. Much like in the book (and related film) “Eat, Pray, Love,” Maria will discover that fate has more in store for her than just a vacation.

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What we haven’t told you yet is that Maria has a special gift that comes from her extreme sensitivity: she is able to adjust almost anything, from objects to human relationships … which ultimately work the same. way, just find the right gear and start all over again.

Maria will have the opportunity to immediately use her dowry. Upon arriving in Bellariva, she will meet a small group of characters with whom she will make a mutual and silent pact of friendship. They will ask you to fix items that are dear to them and, through these little favors, you will have the opportunity to put your life and theirs together.

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There are 12 items that will need to be fixed, each with its own meaning, each with its own story. It starts with simple things, consisting of a few parts that can be resolved in a matter of minutes. You can rotate them, observe them, take them apart, change certain parts and reassemble them as if they were new. You will never have to face overly difficult tasks as the game provides enough clues that you will never get stuck.

This means that Assemble Carefully can be finished by mid-afternoon, hours that will prove to be enjoyable and relaxing. You will not have a deadline and there is no time limit to complete a level; above all, there is no game over. You will live and read Maria’s little story at your own pace, in delicious little pieces like the ones you would make on a freshly baked sandwich.

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The journey is often seen as more important than the goal to be achieved, which fits the title developed by the Ustwo team. In a few minutes you will be kidnapped by the simple and relaxed atmosphere of Assemble With Care and you will find that putting the pieces of objects back in place is not a metaphor for fixing aspects of life that do not turn out the way they are. should.

Thanks to her “power”, Maria will be able to strengthen the relationship between two sisters who have lost each other while repairing their turntable or their old cornet, while a music box which starts working again will make it clear to a father destroyed by the departure of her partner who is now the time to concentrate on her daughter rather than on her work.

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Once you get close to the end, you’ll feel something inside, a different satisfaction than what you normally feel when you finish a normal video game. You will then have a thirteenth object to assemble, the simplest of all: Maria’s suitcase, which will take her away from Bellariva towards a new phase of her life, the most mature and the most conscious.

Assembling with care is a very special product, almost halfway between a video game and an interactive book. It is certainly recommended for those looking for an experience that is not too demanding and lasting, but which leaves a pleasant and indelible memory.

In this sense, the authors of Monument Valley and Land’s End have fully focused, demonstrating once again that they have a sensibility and a communication talent that is truly out of the ordinary.

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