Many video game sites already have one PlayStation 5 in their hands. This Friday, Sony has lifted the embargo thus giving the opportunity to read the first reviews of the console and beyond. PS5 has a pre-installed game, that is Astro’s Playroom, a platform title that serves to show the technical capabilities of the DualSense controller.

This is the first PlayStation 5 title that the media has been able to access and it has been rated very highly. Some of their reviews are already visible on Metacritic, a site that collects the ratings of the most important print sites. There we can appreciate three 100s, an evaluation achieved by titles that border on perfection.

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Trusted Reviews was one of the most amazed media outlets about the game. In its analysis, the site states that “in the modern world it is easy to believe that you have seen everything that the medium has to offer, but then a title like Astro’s Playroom comes to redefine all conventions. Its platform excellence heralds a bright future for one of Sony’s modern mascots“.

Currently, Astro’s Playroom has a rating of 82, being very well rated by the specialized media. To have a look at all the evaluations you can click here.

Source: Metacritic

Source : Reddit