The Asus Eee Pad TransformerAlong with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, they are perhaps the most desired Android tablet of the moment. On the other hand, the new Samsung model does not yet have a presentation date in Spain, but Asus’ will be available shortly. We have already been using it for a month and we can say that it is currently the most prominent option on the platform Honeycomb. In the following analysis of use we tell you all its details of use.

Autonomy of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer

According to Asus, the tablet by itself gives you a 9.5 hours autonomy, but as is obvious these times are always very relative, and they go more depending on the brightness of the screen, the use of the WiFi and especially the applications you are using. If you are watching videos through Flash, the autonomy will drop considerably, as with any laptop.

In my case, I use it very ambiguously, with a full charge it can last a whole day, sometimes 2 days. I use it above all to check emails, to read RSS and information for the blog and to watch YouTube videos directly with the native application. With a use of this type it can hold me perfectly for 1 full day, of course it is not constant use.

The battery chargeFrom its original charger, it is quite fast and the best thing is that you can be using the tablet and recharging the battery without problem. In my case, sometimes, I usually end the day consulting email and looking at information from bed while the tablet is already connected to its charger.

The option to buy the dock-keyboard seems ideal to me, since it would grant it an autonomy of up to 16 hours, more than enough to complete a day at 100% of its extreme use.

Playing Videos

Officially this tablet is ready for record a video with its rear camera at resolution HD 720p, but also for reproduce it.

The native application is quite lame for playing videos, so it is best to install MoboPlayer, which will give you support to play almost any format, even with subtitles. Unfortunately 720p videos cause lag and audio problems. We do not know if it will be an application problem or a lack of performance in recoding. Videos in MP4 at 720p they are played without any lag or audio problems, they will also be recognized by the native application.

Directly from the native application of Youtube You can watch videos at 720p without any problem. However, if we see them through a web, the problems will not disappear, be it YouTube, Vimeo or any other type of web player. The same thing happens with television websites, it is almost impossible to watch a video without lag. I think it’s more of a problem flash plugin that of tablet performance, so hopefully in future Adobe updates they will improve it.

The videos to FULL HD 1080p always reproduces them with lag. It seems that in the demos they look good, but it will be because they use very short videos. In any case, the screen has a resolution of 720p and when trying to reproduce at 1080p I would have to do a rescaling, so it seems unnecessary to try to use this resolution for a screen of this type. In that case, I do believe that it is a performance problem of the tablet as a consequence of the rescaling process.

Connections and accessories for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer

One of the main drawbacks of this tablet is its proprietary connector, with which at the moment nothing can be done. The same happens with Asus’ proprietary cable, which does not yet have an unofficial version, so at the moment there is no possibility of getting another extra, except waiting for Asus to put the alternative charger and cable kit on sale.

If you have the dock-keyboard you should know that with Honeycomb 3.1 you can connect the remote control PS3 to be able to use it to play the emulators. At the moment it will only work for emulators since it needs special key remapping software, which is not yet implemented by any official Android Market game. The control of the PS3 is bluetooth, but the tablet does not recognize it, so you have to connect its power cable USB to communicate with your tablet.

Unfortunately, although it was announced, the command of the Xbox 360 version USB it does not work, but it is because of an Asus error, which we assume they will solve in a later update. In my case, that I do not have the dock-keyboard, I am using the command of the Wii by bluetooth connection, through an application from Android Market.

Interestingly, since Honeycomb 3.0, you can use a bluetooth mouse To operate the tablet, in the same way that you would with a laptop, it will show a pointer to handle all the functions that you would do with a finger. It could be assumed that with a bluetooth keyboard there would also be synchronization, but I have not been able to test it because I do not have one. With the dock-keyboard option you can also connect a USB keyboard standard and a usb mouse.

We must be grateful that this tablet has microSD slot and that they have also included a proprietary file explorer type application to be able to manage it in its entirety. This is something that has been greatly missed in other tablets such as the Motorola Xoom or the Galaxy Tab, the first for not supporting it and the second for not having this connection.

Asus plans to release 2 accessories that are sure to sell like donuts. One is an adapter for the tablet connector, which gives you output USB, with which you could do the same as with the USB dock-keyboard. The other accessory would be a multi-card reader, also to connect directly to the tablet. At the moment there is no official date in any European store.

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer receives community support

How could it be otherwise, in the developer community of XDA Developers They have already become fond of this tablet and several of its members have already begun to unmask it. For now they have managed to find a solution to find a supplementary external charger, to at least have one at work.

They have also discovered that the sync cable uses a combination of the specifications of the USB 3.0, so they still manage to find a solution later, even if it is DIY, to make us an extension cable USB or even some fix for the original connector, with which to achieve the same as with the accessory USB.

A problem that users who also have the dock-keyboard are finding is that from the system it is impossible to find out what percentage of battery the tablet and the dock-keyboard have left. So since XDA Developers have already made a widget that informs you at all times of the load of each device.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer, usage analysis

They have also managed to access their account Root, in order to use applications that require this privilege, such as being able to overclock it, with which they have reached 1.6 GHz.

That this tablet is in the hands of this community can only be good news, since with the support of these developers we will achieve software and hardware improvements that otherwise would be impossible or expensive. I leave you at the bottom of this article the main access to the threads of XDA Developers on the Transformer.

Conclusion: advantages

  • The screen reproduces colors quite well thanks to its type panel IPS.
  • The response to the pulsations of the screen is quite good, since it is prepared to support up to 10 simultaneous pulsations.
  • Its microSD card reader is easy to access and manipulate, thanks to its spring mechanism and then the card is completely hidden.
  • Its 2 dynamic stereo speakers, which sound really good and at a good volume.
  • The 5 MPx rear camera records video at a decent 720p and photos don’t look bad as long as there is enough light.
  • Its 3 MPx 1.2MPx front camera, which the truth at the end of the day is used quite little, because at the moment few of us use GTalk with video conference support.
  • The miniHDMI video output, which I have not used either, but which makes it possible to use the tablet for presentations or video playback directly to your HD TV.
  • The good finish of its materials and how pleasant it is in the hands, with a good grip thanks to its back.
  • The possibility of connecting its dock-keyboard, with which we doubled its autonomy up to 16 hours, also obtaining a full qwerty keyboard with touchpad, 2 outputs USB standard and an SD card reader.
  • How quickly Asus has updated their system to Honeycomb 3.1, predicting that they will not be left behind with future updates.
  • The support that, thanks to Honeycomb 3.1, they have given to the connectors USB of your dock-keyboard with the possibility of Host USB.
  • Its Polaris Office suite with which you can work with files compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • MyNet, MyCloud and MyLibrary business and home solutions.

Conclusion: cons

  • The main disadvantage is caused by its proprietary connector, which although other brands such as Samsung have also made the same decision, it seems that Asus has taken it to another extreme. This connector is used to recharge your battery via its charger, also proprietary. The sync cable is 90 cm. in length and cannot be lengthened with an extender USBas Asus has modified the charging control cables.
  • The charger cannot be replaced by another either, since as in the cable, its connector USB it is modified and when connecting another it does not receive the load information. This is a bit contradictory because Asus reports that it can be recharged by connecting it to a computer, but if you do this you cannot use the tablet and it will also recharge at an excessively slow speed.
  • Thanks to this manipulation of Asus they force you to have to buy them the chargers and sync cables, which are also not available in any store right now. They thus break a general requirement to be able to use a charger USB standard and thus always have to carry its original charger everywhere.
  • You can connect the tablet to your computer to keep the content of both in sync. For this, it is essential to install an Asus proprietary application on your computer. Unfortunately this Asus software is only available for Windows. However, if you only want to be able to access the content of your Asus from your computer, using the cable USBYou can also install the Android File Transfer application from the official Android website, which also has a version for OSX and Linux.
  • If you connect the dock-keyboard there is no official way to know how much percentage of charge exists in each device.

However, despite these cons, the tablet remains one of the best current options, due to its quality and performance, although options such as the Acer Iconia Tab A500 or the Motorola Xoom seem more versatile when it comes to solving problems. connectivity USB.

Photo gallery

And to finish I leave you with a gallery of very detailed images of this tablet, so that you can enjoy its finish before you can try one live.

Those of you who are interested in this tablet and have questions or questions of personal use can ask me in the comments. There will be a third part with a video analysis of the tablet with Honeycomb 3.1 / 3.2 and possibly a quarter analyzing the exclusive applications that Asus has integrated.

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer, usage analysis