I believe that there is not a person who has not found out about the natural catastrophe that befell Japan and how it affects various industrial zones in its territory. It has already been speculated that this unfortunate event could affect the supply of technological materials from which many companies in the sector draw.

On the other hand, the tablet Asus Eee Pad Transformer It is perhaps the most interesting and desired current proposal by all those who want to buy a tablet with Honeycomb. For 1 month it is almost impossible to find any unit in USA where you can make the purchase online but with reservation and with an estimated date of June. It seems that this low drive cadence is a consequence of Asus currently can only produce and supply 10,000 units per month, a figure well below the 300,000 units that had been proposed. It is very likely that the shortage of some of its components is the reason for such delay and that other companies are ahead in supplies.

In Europe, through Amazon UK you can make the purchase online but it would also be a reservation, which until June would not be confirmed. When this happens the supply problem will worsen, since they will have to supply the European market as well. In any case, those of us who were waiting to buy the Asus tablet during this month can only hold out until June, which seems like the critical date for the next shipment. If, on the contrary, you are or are going to be one of the winners with this tablet, we would like you to leave us your impressions in the comments.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer with supply problems