The smartphone gaming market is growing steadily and ASUS strongly believes in this sector and its potential.

If the first gaming smartphone from the ROG (Republic of Gamers) brand was seen as an experiment, and its ROG Phone 2 sequel (here our opinion) was a solid confirmation, this year the brand has decided to get up further. raise the bar by officially presenting the ROG Phone 3, a true concentrate of technology and gaming power in smartphone format.

ASUS ROG Phone 3 the road started with the first model and maintained with the second continues, but it is pushing towards new horizons, while maintaining the lowest common denominator with the previous models. The goal set in the ROG house was actually to maintain as much as possible the compatibility with the futuristic (and also expensive) features and accessories of the ROG Phone, which make the gaming experience unique and far superior to that offered by any other smartphone.

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ASUS engineers have therefore made every effort to improve internal components as much as possible, increase performance and performance without changing standards, form factors or connectors, factors that would inevitably have required new accessories not compatible with ROG. Phone and ROG Phone 2.

With these premises, the company has surprisingly succeeded in producing a device that again claims unique standards in the industry, even succeeding in lowering the operating temperatures of the system through several brilliant in-house engineering solutions and improving the faults that have been highlighted with previous iterations of the smartphone.

A new six-stage internal dissipation system enables uncompromising performance and performance.

The ROG Phone 3 retains some features of the previous model, some of which are still unmatched in the market but features several important innovations, such as the 5G data communication standard, a new Amoled 144Hz display, the Soc Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus, a new audio technology developed in collaboration with Dirac and many new small hardware and software optimizations that will make the difference compared to the ROG Phone 2.

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Compared to last year’s model, the ROG Phone 3 stands out for its availability in two different models: the more expensive ROG Phone 3, and the ROG Phone 3 – Strix Edition (in the box on the side you’ll find full specifications). The latter shares some of the characteristics of the terminal, but is weakened in some areas, such as the amount of RAM (8 GB) and storage (256 GB against 512 GB). In addition, the ROG Phone 3 is, like its predecessor, available in two configurations that differ in RAM (12 GB and 16 GB), and of course also in price. Either way, although the amounts of volatile and fixed memory change, the standards are the same.

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Thus, all ROG Phone 3 models mount very fast LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1 RAM for storage, specifications strongly desired by the manufacturer in each variant to ensure maximum fluidity in each game operation and in multitasking.

The terminal also updates the display with a more advanced, if not the most advanced model ever mounted on a smartphone. This is a 10-bit AMOLED with 144Hz / 1ms. With a 270Hz touch sample rate, 25ms touch latency (unmatched setting so far) and 18ms slide latency, this display enables incredible speeds in recording inputs, a fundamental in-game parameter competition and for the very high refresh offered (up to 144Hz but adjustable).

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However, this display focuses not only on speed, but also on color fidelity. In fact, there is no lack of support for the highly dynamic HDR10 + range, so that you can enjoy the content offered by the high dynamic range video streaming services. To minimize eye strain, ROG Phone 3 is also equipped with TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution) and Flicker Reduced certification.

Great attention has also been paid to the cooling of the device. A six-level system ensures that the operating temperature always remains under control despite the internal components being even more powerful than the previous model and there is also the 5G module, which adds heat to dissipate. The steam room has been redesigned, there is a layer of aluminum and graphite that protects and distributes heat, and a new ventilation grill on the back of the phone.

In addition, the active dissipation system included in the box and optionally installable, AeroActive Cooler 3, has been improved and now has a higher rotational speed which also pushes air over the rear body and expels it. outwards. This allows the processor to never slow down and maintain overclocked frequencies of 3.1 GHz with no time limit.

Finally, the accessory, in addition to ensuring a USB-C input, has a 3.5mm audio jack and a new bracket on the back to keep the ROG Phone 3 in a firm position even on a table, for a similar tabletop gaming experience. to that of Switch. The exclusive additional USB-C charging port, inserted into the side, allows users to continue charging their smartphone without having to stop the game. The door also allows you to connect accessories.

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The battery remains the same as last year’s model and we’re still on top. With 6000mAh, ASUS ensures a longevity of more than 9 consecutive hours of play with heavy titles such as PUGB, Call of Duty and Asphalt 9. The Hypercharge fast charging system made in ASUS is also maintained, which with a power of 30W can charge the 4510Mah Battery in just 45 minutes. Much attention has also been paid to the longevity of the same, with many intelligent, slower and more programmed charging modes, so as not to stress the diodes unnecessarily when, for example, charging the cellphone at night. .

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Updated AirTrigger 3 technology provides precise, ultrasonic touch controls along the edges of the phone. The gesture-related capabilities of the side sensors, the AirTrigger 3, have been further enhanced, including a new swipe gesture and dual partition button simulation, allowing gamers to enjoy a console-like gaming experience. .

The AeroActive Cooler 3 is now more efficient and has more functions, including the support function.

There’s also an all-new motion sensor that adds an extra gesture to those available, providing new action feedback by shaking the device; this represents a completely new way of interacting with your smartphone.

The collaboration with Dirac for the audio sector guarantees more faithful sounds that do not distort and more powerful bass through the speakers. In addition, there is now a new dedicated game mode to further improve the sound effects of the game and for a fully immersive game. ROG Phone 3 also supports Qualcomm aptX Adaptive technology for lower latency and high quality sound, even with a Bluetooth connection.

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The ROG Phone 3 modular accessory line includes the revamped ROG Kunai 3 Modular Gamepad that adds physical console controls to ROG Phone 3; the new Lighting Armor Case to show off extraordinary style; the ROG clip to attach the phone to the controllers of the most important consoles for a definitive gaming experience.

ROG Phone 3 can also be upgraded to deliver gaming on two screens, both with refresh rates of up to 144Hz, with the renewed TwinView Dock 3 (a step ahead of version 2 which s ‘is stopped at 120Hz), while the Mobile Desktop Dock allows gamers to connect keyboard and mouse for a gaming experience such as desktop, using an external TV or monitor.

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ROG Phone 3 has also signed a partnership with Stadia and Unity to build and provide users with an integrated gaming ecosystem. Together, the partnership aims to create an even more complete gaming experience for today’s gamers by providing them with the best mobile gaming content.

With the Kunai, also compatible with the ROG Phone 2, the ROG Phone 3 becomes a console similar to Switch, but much more powerful.

Availability, prices and promotions

Already available for pre-order on ASUS eShop, the ROG Phone 3 – Strix Edition will be on sale by the end of July in Asus Gold stores and on, at a suggested retail price of € 799.00, including VAT.

The design of the Strix edition is the same. The triangle allows you to see the internal components and also offers a ventilation grid.

The ROG Phone 3, in the 12GB RAM and 512GB storage configuration, will be available during the first half of August on ASUS eShop, at ASUS Gold and Unieuro stores, both online and in some selected stores at a recommended retail price of € 999.00 including VAT. Finally, the ROG Phone 3, in the 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage configuration, will be available by the end of August on ASUS eShop, at the recommended retail price of € 1,099.00, VAT included.

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Fans who buy the ROG Phone 3 – Strix Edition when the pre-order opens will also receive a free pair of ROG headphones, for an even more immersive gaming experience. In particular:

  • Those who buy it from ASUS eShop will receive the ROG Cetra in-ear headphones worth € 109.90;
  • Those who purchase it from or the ASUS Gold Store will instead receive free ROG Cetra Core in-ear headphones, worth € 59.90.

This promotion will be available, in both cases, while stocks last, and only to very first buyers. Finally, all those who buy the ROG Phone 3 – Strix Edition and the ROG Phone 3, in the different configurations and channels, can redeem a Stadia Pro Pass directly online on the dedicated page, to access this service for free for 3 months.

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Over the next few weeks, all accessories from the ROG Phone 3 ecosystem will also arrive on ASUS eShop.

Stay tuned on these pages, where you’ll find a detailed review of the ROG Phone 3 soon.

Source : Reddit