ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for.

Marx, Engels, Geiger, Fargo.

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ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for

The Fallout series in our area has always had a special attitude. I don’t know if it’s a typical view from a Russian window somewhere in a residential area, or that any CIS resident who saw the collapse of the USSR personally experienced a local end of the world. In any case, it so happened that “our answer to Fallout” is usually looked for in every Eastern European game, at least somehow related to the topic of post-apocalypse: from STALKER to “Dungeonmen” .

Such comparisons have always been very strained and not in favor of the “domestic manufacturer”, but this did not stop anyone. Most of these games, like Frozen State  or Krai Mira , turned out to be mediocre at best, potentially interesting things like “New Union”  rarely survived until release. And how many “projects” died in the bowels of the forum – do not count.

ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for

And only in 2018 ATOM RPG  was able to prove that people who write the word “post-apocalypse” exclusively with a capital letter can have straight arms.

Fallout 86

Anyone who played the first, classic Fallout games is already familiar with ATOM RPG. Literally everything screams about the main source of inspiration here: from the subtitle Post-apocalyptic indie game to the location of buttons in the interface. But for all the similarity to the brainchild of Fargo and Urquhart, I absolutely do not want to blame the AtomTeam project for being secondary. After all, there is no less unique in it than borrowed.

ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for

In this world, a nuclear war, the need for which the Bolsheviks were constantly talking about, happened in 1986. The peaceful atom has erased the same perestroika Union from the face of the Earth, so you can not look for any convertibles with atomic engines, plasma rifles and chatty “Mister Helpers” in the post-Soviet post-apocalypse. The role of technology here is played mainly by banal “Muscovites” and “lawns”, Kalashnikov and Tokarev are responsible for the murder, and there are two fighting robots in the entire Wasteland. And then one is broken.

<img ” title=”Мистики в игре не меньше, чем научной фантастики. Эта каменная спираль, скажем, здесь тоже неспроста” src=”” style=”display:none”>

ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for

The mystics in the game are no less than science fiction. This stone spiral, let’s say, is also here for a reason

But the rooms are decorated with plush Cheburashkas and Olympic bears; in the stalker caches you can find tea “with an elephant” and condensed milk in blue and white cans; A vodka bubble drunk on an empty stomach inevitably causes a hangover, which must be treated, of course, with a cucumber pickle … In general, everything is so familiar and familiar that at first you even feel somehow awkward. As if I got into some cleverly disguised “Russian quest”, and not into a big RPG.

Take at least the local NPCs. A small village is headed by a precinct with the appearance of Aniskin (or rather, the actor Mikhail Zharov). The pre-war ruins are investigated by a detachment of stalkers with the faces of post-nuclear Coward, Goonies and Experienced. “A-a-car!” can be bought from the spitting image of Yakubovich, even if he does not have a mustache. It is not surprising that such characters instead of antiradin use slightly expired tarn, instead of Nuka-Cola they drink Yader-Kvass, and the lids have given way to full-weight Soviet rubles.

ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for

Music is not the brightest side of ATOM RPG, but two great songs in the residential block of Bunker 317 are definitely worth listening to

Yes, exactly – normal rubles. Unlike American survivalists, Soviet citizens did not need 200 years to rebuild society. The bombs fell not so long ago, the old-timers still remember very well the war itself and the life before it. There are no savages who worship blue overalls here, and the views of the sun-scorched Wasteland are not too different from the landscapes of my native Saratov region. Although in terms of phantasmagoricity, of course, they surpass it a bit. A wandering circus of mutants guarded by armed clowns, the sewer order of the Black Goat cultists, talking animals, demons and aliens from the cold depths of space … And, of course, the mysterious “Chigir-star” that sparkles in the night sky and grows stronger every day …

This is the kind of world our Vydets goes to … That is, excuse me, a cadet of the secret government structure ATOM. His task is quite specific: to find the missing expedition of General Morozov. But how to carry out this task and whether it is worth doing it at all is up to us. Fortunately, the game provides for any scenario.

ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for

The game world is very compact. A little bit large city – with a suburb, a center, a government bunker and catacombs – there is only one in it. Red Banner, aka KRZ. In terms of scale, ATOM RPG is still closer to the first, not the second Fallout

Walking communists

The role-playing system is almost an exact copy of SPECIAL And not that pathetic anacephalus from Bethesda , but a full-fledged one. Is that the set of weapon skills is more modest, and you cannot pump heavy or energy weapons (and there is no need, because they do not give out grenade launchers or laser cannons here). But on the spot persuasion, gaming, survival, technology and other peaceful specialties. There are no completely useless skills, and there seem to be even more skill and stats checks than in New Vegas . The only upsetting thing is the system of perks: most of them simply give increases to characteristics.

With the feature “Action Hero”, the character begins to sprinkle signature phrases from films of the VHS era during fights. Completely useless, but funny

The whole thing is complemented by unpretentious survival and crafting mechanics. It was possible to get poisoning or radiation sickness in the Californian desert, but in ATOM RPG toxins and foci of radiation are more common, and the effect of them is much more noticeable. These aspects of the gameplay are not well developed, but in some places without a gas mask or preferably an OZK it is better not to meddle at all. And hunger is added to the poisoning and radiation. He also works very superficially, but with him stew, biscuits and other provisions cease to be ballast without practical use.

ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for

As for crafting, the degree of usefulness of the created items ranges from moderate to near-zero. All these recipes in the spirit of “makhorka + newspaper = hand-rolled” are needed not so much for business as for immersion in the world. It is unlikely that someone will go through the game, clutching in their sweaty palms the ever-wedging multi-barreled samopal, when the stores are full of better quality and lethal weapons for every taste. You can easily choose a gun for your tactics.

Monsters, of course, do not adjust to the level of the hero, and quests that cannot be completed at a certain level are the norm. In general, everything is like the good old

True, “tactics” is a strong saying. It is difficult to call local battles especially tactical . Just like twenty years ago: no squats, no crawling, no rolls and no cover. A typical battle in an ATOM RPG looks like this: several gentlemen stand on a perfectly level pool table and beat each other from sawn-off shotguns. Whoever dies first is the one who loses. That’s the whole tactic.

ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for

Fortunately, most quests can be completed without violence, and there are plenty of opportunities to show independence. If you want, sniff the Moment glue by the night fire, fish on the brains of a giant spider, get your own house in the Red Fighter dacha cooperative, stuff the King of Chukhans tattoo on your belly, sleep with a three-breasted prostitute. Do, in general, what your heart desires. But don’t be offended by natural consequences like “nuclear syphilis”.

What can you not find in the Red Banner sewer …

Ilyich’s book

Nobody is going to take us by the handle in the Wasteland. Quest directions in the magazine are at best limited to the lapidary “look for evidence in such and such a city” – that’s all. True, most tasks do not need special prompts. First of all, this concerns the most banal fillers in the spirit of “collect N fly agaric” (the apotheosis of collecting – a quest to find five hundred packs of waste paper), which, I will not pretend, is full. Fortunately, even such stupid, in fact, quests are often well furnished. In general, there are more interesting adventures with alternative options for passing than boring and linear ones.

The game raises quite adult topics and does not particularly lisp with the player. However, it is closer to King’s Bounty or Space Rangers in feel and atmosphere than Dungeon Mans. After at least half an hour of the game, you want to play more, and not wash and cry

There is everything here, from the textbook task of infiltrating a guarded city (bribery, persuasion, or just a long rope will help to solve it) to organizing democratic elections, searching for actors for filming a p**n film or investigating a series of murders. Of course, in all large and most small tasks, the “rule of three Ys” (talk, steal, kill) fully works. Even with the “final boss” you can just negotiate, avoiding the last battle. It’s a pity that the ending turned out to be a little crumpled, and you can’t continue the game after the credits – it was definitely worth borrowing from Black Isle . Well, at least the final slideshow with a story about the consequences of our actions remained in place.

Even whole game situations came straight from you-know-where. The scene with the “mummy”, opening the doors of an underground bunker with a trolley and dynamite, intelligent talking rats … But thanks to the successful stylization and the abundance of original details, this feels like homage, not just tracing paper. Moreover, it seems that the whole post-apocalypse got it, including The Postman , Mad Max and Metro 2033 . You never know what the game will throw in the next second – and that’s cool.

In some places it is really interesting to read, but at the sight of some turns, Nora Gal would have opened up in a fit of melancholy

Yes, the lyrics, to put it mildly, are not written perfectly. Sometimes all this literature resembles STALKER fanfiction – with a highly controversial style and “alternative” literacy. In some places, the eyes are cut by typos and unnecessary punctuation marks. At times, the style gives such a hopak that you wonder how it still hasn’t fallen apart! But what’s the joke: a strange mixture of bureaucracy, colloquial speech, thug jargon, and God knows what else does not cause rejection. She denies all norms of literature and good taste, but at the same time looks stylish in her own way.

ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for

Welcome to Trudograd

Almost everything that was said above about the first part is also true for ATOM RPG: Trudograd  , a sequel that recently went into Early Access on Steam. This is exactly the same old-school roleplaying – slow, brutal and demanding on the player. Differences, by and large, lie only in the plot and not the most significant gameplay moments. But they turned out to be quite enough for a full-fledged second part, and not just an addition.

Two years have passed since the events of the original, 2007 has come to the world of the game. Our hero is no longer a green Cadet, but a real Major – and you can transfer him directly from the first part, if there is a save. And not only he grew up. The “Chigir Star”, which was often mentioned in ATOM RPGs, but was not highlighted until the very end, has turned from a source of superstition into a very real threat. It is in search of salvation from it that we go north, to a real, by local standards, metropolis. Trudograd.

Importing a character from the first game transfers the decisions made to the sequel. I won’t say that I came across some vivid consequences of the choices I made in ATOM RPG, but Trudograd immediately reminds of them – this is already nice

Although it hasn’t become easier to survive in “civilized” conditions. In some places it’s even the other way around: weaklings are not liked here. Moreover, another threat has been added to the survival system – cold. It won’t take long to freeze to death in the local snows. So it is necessary to monitor not only hunger, toxins and radiation levels, but also body temperature. A warm hat is no longer just a cute accessory with a bonus to persuasion – now it also protects against insidious hypothermia.

ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG Trudograd. “Our answer to Fallout”, which is not a shame for

The updated global map looks much more elegant

Of course, the change in setting also affected the graphic side of the issue. Externally, Trudograd differs from the original ATOM RPG in about the same way as the upcoming Wasteland 3  – from Wasteland 2 . The locations covered with snow look nice, and Trudograd itself looks like some kind of Christmas village. The picture after the faded gray-brown first part looks much cleaner and fresher, and the lighting is softer. The interiors seem to have more details, variety, and animation no longer hurts the eye.

Literary work also seemed to be tightened up. Already inventive quests have become more dynamic, dialogues – wittier, and characters – in a good sense of the word, crazier. It is interesting to chat with everyone: be it a man who lost a jar of gold teeth in a minefield, a handless sweat worshiper (don’t ask), or a fortune teller who passes out cologne as an ancient drug that increases charisma.

Locations in Trudograd have become more compact, but at the same time more saturated. Previously, you could have time to put the kettle on while the hero runs from one end of the half-empty level to the other

While Trudograd is in early access, and there is very little content. They only give a walk in the suburbs and a couple of workers’ quarters. Accordingly, it will not be possible to complete the story quest to the end. In the future, they promise to open other areas, add tasks, characters, items and other content. Time will tell, but the main thing can be noted right now: Trudograd is the same ATOM RPG, only slicked and improved.

The text quests added to Trudograd look very promising, although I did not find anything extraordinary

The Fallout series has always been very iconic, but at the same time very American thing. This universe did not need any world outside the post-nuclear USA, whoever fantasized about anything. Now we have a game to fill that vacuum. And, judging by the activity of the community, the players took the idea at least favorably. Fashion speaks about people’s love most clearly. In the Steam workshop, fans are actively sawing everything: from their own story campaigns to the ability to craft a roll of toilet paper from 300 rubles. Would you try so hard for some soulless craft? I strongly doubt it.

And for me, ATOM RPG has become, no kidding, the main role-playing game of recent years. I don’t know if Trudograd will take its place when it finally gets the full release. But one thing is one hundred percent sure: I really want to find out.

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