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Independent developers are very fond of turning their games into bagels and punishing players for death. But sometimes it happens that this feature is almost the only drawback of this or that project, without which it would be just better. For example in RAD since Double Well There is an interesting idea with mutations, but it all ruins a small amount of health and rare first aid kits, which is why you often die and start over. The same can be said of Ditto Swords , whose authors eventually changed their minds and spent most of the game. So with Atomicrops a similar situation: everyone likes it here except the fear of losing everything accumulated over the last few hours.

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Funny farmer

We take on the role of a farmer whose job is to cultivate all kinds of plants and harvest crops to earn money, buy upgrades and gain new opportunities. During the day, nothing threatens our site: if the monsters shoot in our direction, they will not damage the plants. After a few minutes the sunset begins, and after a while it turns into night, and here the most unpleasant creatures come out. At first, these are worms that crawl around the site and try to swallow your cabbage and radish, as well as odd-looking rabbits with guns. The more you advance in the “plot”, the more there are new opponents, like insects and tomatoes that explode as soon as possible. Each attack is divided into several waves,

Before the main game starts, a short training session is started, which clearly explains the basics of the game. We cultivate the land first, then we plant the seeds, then we water them, we wait for them to grow , and it all ends with the harvest: the plants dance happily and make funny sounds when the time comes. Initially the available area is very small, but it can be expanded if you find hoes and use them to remove grass from selected squares. And if a piece of land has been dormant for too long, a weed grows on it, which will take a few seconds to uproot itself.

Atomicrops game review

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The more water sources there are, the faster everything grows.

At the same time, you have to do a lot of things, but the main character Atomicrops multitasking To water the plants, it is enough to approach them, and the stream of water itself will point where it is needed. Weapon firing is done with a button, swinging a scythe and planting seeds with another, harvesting with a third. You don’t have to think about spending the rest of the day watering or harvesting weeds; you can do this and that while fighting monsters. So don’t waste your time in vain.

When the night ends and dawn arrives, a helicopter flies towards the station, forcing the protagonist to the base by force. Fortunately, you don’t have to sell the harvest yourself: when you harvest, everything is automatically converted into currency (here’s the cashew). Basically, you can buy all kinds of useful things. There are seeds if there are not enough. There are hoes to enlarge the planting area. There are other types of weapons: the basic pistol is not as strong as a powerful shotgun or rapid fire rifle, and cannot compete with the “sniper” at all. It is true that the weapon breaks the next day. When the player decides to return, they approach the helicopter and continue to farm.

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Atomicrops game review

At the base, there are also creatures that give upgrades in exchange for roses. This resource is scarce: it is better not to waste it.

Faster, higher, stronger

If you don’t feel like taking care of the plot or there’s nothing to plant, you can explore the world. Some areas open immediately, others are not accessible without a repaired bridge. Each of these areas includes several areas where killing opponents is required, for which they will present something useful. In addition to the usual seeds that appear most often, there are many other bonuses here: they are always different, but they can change the gameplay. Some of the most useful gifts are animals that are automatically uploaded to your site and help take care of them. Pigs dig the earth, cows grow, bees increase productivity: the more living creatures there are, the faster the processes.

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But that’s only a small part of what can fall. There are many passive abilities: with one, the bees start watering the ground, with the other, a damage-blocking zucchini (or spike in damage) will fly around the character, and with the third, the speed of displacement will increase. You can grab a drone that follows the hero and shoot monsters, or just a set of hoes. Hens periodically lay eggs, for which they collect cashews, and with one of the updates, fertilizers will also begin to fall from these eggs. Often a player has a choice of two upgrades, so there aren’t really any bad runs here.

Basically, the choice between the two upgrades is obvious.

There are also scrolls, which also have great benefits. One causes an earthquake, due to which the plots suitable for planting are enlarged (and no hoe is needed), and the other creates a rain cloud or sows seeds with every available land. It’s a shame, if there are several scrolls in the inventory, it is difficult to understand who does what: they have no name, only the small “pixel” icons should convey this information.

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Finally, a tractor can be a gift. At the end of the appropriate scale, the player clicks the stick, selects the direction and something happens: opponents are automatically crushed into fertilizer, or all the weeds are instantly uprooted and turned into seeds. The best example of equipment is the Megatractor, which kills enemies, destroys weeds, cultivates the land, and waters the land.

In general, in terms of diversity. Atomicrops beautiful and not inferior to other representatives of the genus. In some passages, hoes and parchments that increase the area will often fall and there will be more free space than seeds. It will be possible to spend money on high-quality weapons to clean up nearby places and search for animals. Otherwise, problems with the territory will arise and you will have to buy hoes, but other bonuses will appear.

Sometimes there is a quick transition to your site available in places; suddenly walk at night.

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In any case, the structure will remain the same: the game is divided into seasons, each lasting three days. At the end of the third, there is a meeting with the boss, and after defeating him and flying to the base, the path to the mayor is made. Estimate how much you earn from cashews selling plants and award a prize based on your success: repair kits to build bridges in new locations, all kinds of upgrades, ‘lives’, roses to buy animals and improvements in a special store… The price The main horns can be considered abundant: they are necessary to acquire modifications that affect all subsequent passages. Either the health will increase permanently, or the parameters will change, or the day will last,

Broken trough

Each time more and more horns are needed, and in any case, it is far from the most pleasant compensation for the loss of everything you managed to do for the passage. When you have a big plot, you have visited several places, you have killed a lot of monsters and you have saved a lot of money, you get more and more nervous because you are not ready for the next meeting with the boss . But what if the store doesn’t sell good guns that day? But what if there is little health left and it cannot be replaced? You can try to run away from the boss, but the turrets placed will not be enough to fight all the monsters. You will lose all your plants, but there is also little good.

What bothers me the most is the boss that’s at the end of winter (it’s season four here): a flying bunny that summons a multitude of minions. They run so fast that even with good precision it’s hard to beat them. And now you are losing one “life” after another, you realize that you didn’t even have time to hurt the boss, and you die, having lost everything. The only benefit is higher speed for a cornucopia pack, but in the end, you don’t even feel like you’ve started running any faster. You come back to your 3×3 site with a miserable gun in your hands and zero in your pocket and start over.

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Atomicrops game review

In addition to the monsters that protect your territory, there are many other aggressive creatures – no time to relax.

After meeting this bunny, I started to take a different approach on how to develop the site. On the first day, you shouldn’t do it at all, even at night; if nothing grows there, nothing will go wrong. You run around places, you kill everyone, you collect seeds. Then you grow them as early as possible, sometimes distracted by the research, you save as much money as possible. The more I tried to complete the game, the faster I tried to do everything: meet the deadlines, find as many upgrades as possible, collect all the scrolls, remember the order in which they were taken, earn hundreds and thousands of cashews …

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The devs were probably counting on that, but that need to rush and the associated “nerves” don’t improve the game. For that reason, you constantly think about how much more fun it would be if the day lasted at least a few more minutes. and that the seasons lasted about a week. And indeed, if permanent death was taken out of here, fined in a different way, or if she had the ability to resurrect with a certain number of cashews. Otherwise, the game is wonderful, even surprising: the visual style is fun, the music is fun, and the gameplay won’t let you go. But the developers seemed to be a little wrong with the genre. Or the balance is not twisted.

Atomicrops game review

After death, they offer not only to buy gift modifications, but also to change the character. If the first girl starts with two bees, then the other hero’s weapon lasts one day longer. There are only three options, but with updates the number is likely to increase.

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Despite the fact that I often lost everything that had accumulated and was often overwhelmed by the separation from the previous site, Atomicrops wanted to go back even after passing this review. Growing plants, collecting seeds, and thinking about what to spend money next time around isn’t boring, and when you download lots of bonuses for each season, the more you want to act in the most efficient way possible.

But, if you take all the hassle associated with short days from here and adjust the boss’s balance, the game won’t lose anything and can be rated even more. It’s a shame that in order to stretch the game the developers sometimes introduce permanent death. While in this case it’s a little easier to come to terms with that decision, it’s hard to find fault with almost everything else.

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Pros: unusual idea with good implementation; Thanks to multitasking, the hero performs several tasks simultaneously, which saves time; Excitingly explore nearby locations with a variety of bonuses; many game-related upgrades, scrolls, tractors and animals; Dozens of types of enemies scattered in different locations; There are at least a few gifts for the race in the event of death.

Disadvantages: the day ends too quickly, so you have to constantly rush; not a good balance of bosses: the fourth of them requires serious preparation; The badges on the scrolls do not exactly describe what will happen when they are used.

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