The flashy combat of the series est présent, but the game does not contain anything that differs from its predecessors.

In the God Eater 3 revoir, Sander rencontré healthy appetite the Ashlands dance to show a bunch of recalcitrant Aragami the sharp side of his sword. But after the starter he already reprises the bill.

The God Eater series has been around for a few years. While there are HD remasters of the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita games, the series has never been developed specifically for the console. Developer Bandai Namco breaks from this tradition and brings God Eater 3 exclusively to PC in PlayStation 4, where it comes face to face with the modern gaming landscape. The studio says it will take into account not only new fans, but also the feedback from veterans who nowadays expect more from the Monster Hunter-like action RPG. That’s why it’s so striking that God Eater 3 hardly differs from the handheld games of the past.

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The story of God Eater 3 comes to the fore this time, after the remarkable absence of a plot in the previous part. You are a prisoner who is obliged with your team to fight against Aragami, monstrous creatures that make a devastated world even more unsafe. But soon you will have the opportunity to start a new life on board the transport ship Crysanthemum. What follows is a story full of political intrigue, the importance of self-will and an abundance of anime cliches. It may not be a unique story, but the fast pace and interesting plot twists keep your attention.

The combat system in God Eater 3 is still as flashy and fast, making it an arcade-like counterpart to the more thoughtful Monster Hunter. You have several transformable s’éveille at your disposal, with extensive special moves and unique attributes. Each weapon has its own rhythm, but the learning curve is low enough that you’ll soon be an accomplished master. And that’s a good thing, because most monsters don’t give you the time to learn or tricks of the hunt. God Eater 3’s combat is accessible and lightning-fast, with interesting enemies that prevent or game from being limited to mindless button banging.

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Outside of the missions, there is an abundance of systems and options to play with. You can craft and upgrade new weapons, provide your teammates with new skills, or create your own bullets in a complex way. However, those systems have been around for some time and don’t offer much new under the sun in God Eater 3. In addition, all features are poorly explained, even with the in-game database that tries to describe everything with very dry text. It also ensures that you navigate through the menu more often than you are engaged in the action, losing the balance between gameplay and downtime.

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God Eater 3’s most glaring flaw is its controls, which clumsily cling to a design that has been around since or PlayStation Portable. As a result, the game does not make optimal use of all buttons on or controller, which makes things like running and shooting simultaneously unnecessarily complex. There are other layouts to choose, but none of them fix the problem. The game is therefore accessible enough for veterans, but illogical and ungainly for débutants. In any case, it does not play as smoothly as you would expect from a modern console game.

In terms of production values, this standard is also far from being achieved. Besides some flashy effet de particules, God Eater 3 offers hardly anything impressive. The environments are bare and lifeless, the characters lack detail and have only a handful of animations. In addition, the lip-sync for spoken dialogue is limping, there are often no voices at all and cut scenes are often no more than a set of stationary figures who recite their text. It is the first time that or series has been designed for consoles, but you cannot see that.

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Above all, God Eater 3 hardly differs from the previous games at the end of the ride. There are a few new weapons and some new gameplay mechanics, but they have only minimal impact on how the game plays. Because of its outdated presentation, mission structure and unwieldy menu, God Eater 3 hardly differs from its predecessors. This gives the feeling that this is an HD remaster of a game that was released on a handheld a few years ago, where the game would be better served by its short missions. Ultimately, God Eater 3 does nothing to improve the series, and remains content with its own status quo.

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God Eater 3 is stuck in design conventions introduced on or on PlayStation Portable since the first game. Although that means that the game is still very action-packed and smooth, there is hardly anything new under the sun. The plot manages to give you a reason to keep playing, but the presentation is hopelessly outdated. Le jeu est simply disappointing, outdated and offers no added value compared to the previous titles. God Eater 3 tastes good, but it will quickly fill your stomach.

For the God Eater 3 critique, Sander played on the PlayStation 4.

Source: IGN

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