Thanks to a press release, Interactive Entertainment Warner Bros., Spin Master is WayForward announcement today Bakugan: Champions de Vestroia, a brand new action role-playing game coming soon November 3, 2020 as an exclusive Nintendo Switch, and which will expand the hugely popular international Bakugan franchise alongside the exciting and adventurous animated series broadcast on television, the innovative line of toys, the card game and more. The game is based on a completely original story and on the characteristic Bakugan battles in which players will team up with powerful creatures known as the Bakugan and build their team to face each other in devastating strategic battles.

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« We’re happy to partner with Spin Master and WayForward to bring the battle action of Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia to Nintendo Switch“Said Kevin Kebodeaux, Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Bakugan’s international fame is undeniable and this title will surely delight players all over the world.« .

« Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia enriches the popular franchise with an exciting new game full of customization possibilities, fast-paced competitions, refined strategy, anime-style characters and settings that all Bakugan players and fans will loveSays Simonetta Lulli, vice president of Spin Master Studios. »Both solo and online against other Bakugan fighters, the game provides countless hours of fun at home or on the go.« .

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« Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia Combines Most Beloved Aspects Of The TV Series And Toys In A Fresh And Challenging New Game“, Continues Voldi Way, President and CEO of WayForward. “We designed it specifically for Nintendo Switch with the aim of offering a unique combat system with the strategic possibility of building and fighting a Bakugan team.« .

Released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, produced by Spin Master and developed by WayForward, in the video game Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia, players will experience an original story that connects with the hit TV series and toy line. They will be able to create and customize their own fighter who will fight shoulder to shoulder with the mysterious alien Bakugan as a human ally. The game world, represented in 3D and fully explorable, is divided into several districts, each with different arenas to fight. Players will be able to interact with other characters, go on a mission and explore it with their Bakugan friends.

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Players will be able to test their fighting skills in face-to-face online battles with their friends or other players around the world, to become true Vestroia Champions.

At launch, a Deluxe Edition package will also be available in a physical version that will contain the video game, an “Ultima Dragonoid” sphere that transforms into a fierce Bakugan, a collectible card, a magnetic door card and two powerful BakuCores.

Source : Reddit