Baldur Gate 3, the awaited third chapter of one of the most famous Western RPG sagas, currently slated for PC and Google Stadia, is still without a release date. Despite this, the title is already pre-orderable on several sites and online resellers.

While this practice is now very common in the video game world, a game can normally only be booked when the publisher is able to provide a release date. Private stores and key online sellers, on the other hand, prefer to start bookings on first reveal, as happens with next-gen consoles, among other things.

This time, however, we are faced with a real paradox: the developers of Running Studios in person, they spoke Twitter publicly asking fans not to pre-order the game. Indeed, according to their statements, the title release agreements are not yet finalized:

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« Be sure to pre-order Baldur’s Gate 3 now, at any location. We haven’t set a pre-order period yet. We have not yet concluded a distribution plan with resellers and third party partners. We have not announced a date or price. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the game from them.« .

« In addition, we cannot offer support for transactions made on these sites, should there be any problem, as we have no agreement with them. We have nothing against those who sell the keys online, but we cannot guarantee that they will receive those from Baldur’s Gate 3. To be clear, this is not an attack on the key dealers. If you have them in stock, sell them, but for Baldur’s Gate 3 the price is completely incorrect, the release date is wrong, and the idea that they will have the keys from Steam is unlikely, precisely for the reasons explained.« .

In summary, Larian Studios asks you to wait for the opening of official pre-orders. No one can know for sure if the developers will make any exclusive publishing deals, but if that happens, all of the other retailers that have anticipated Baldur’s Gate pre-orders, would be forced to cancel and make up for everything, leaving among other things. players without reservation.

So do not be in a hurry, wait and be reassured.

Source: Twitter

Source : Reddit