Baldur’s Gate 3 Shows Progress.

Larian Studios today presented the new gameplay of Baldur’s Gate 3. Just before the D&D Live event, game director Swen Vincke presented the results of months of iteration and new gameplay, showing off some of the improvements and content additions the team has been working on since the last gameplay presentation at PAX East 2020. During the presentation allowed the stream viewers to decide which path to take – hiding in or killing the hobgoblin Dror Ragzlin.

Last weekend, at the Guerrilla Collective showcase, the team announced that the Early Access release of Baldur’s Gate 3 in August 2020 is on track, even despite setbacks caused by Covid-19. A community update video released last Saturday provides context on the current state of development and paved the way for the stream.

Between its original announcement a year ago and what was shown today ahead of D&D Live, Baldur’s Gate 3 is starting to take shape, and that shape will continue to evolve as Larian works directly with the community throughout the Early Access campaign. Some of the iterations that Game Director Swen Vincke presented during the stream were created based on the direct feedback from the community.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Shows Progress

Here are some of the changes and new content appearing in the stream:

  • The narrator who guides players through the game has changed into a tense/second person. Changes have been made to the initiative system. The previous gameplay showed the side initiative, which has evolved over the past month. Characters with similar individual initiative can now be automatically grouped together, allowing the player to try out combinations and tailor their attack to a group initiative system. Other characters and enemies have individual initiative
  • Vincke showed the inspiration system for the first time. Inspiration points allow the player to reroll one of his dice – a very valuable asset if the roll of the dice decides life and death. These points are awarded to the player as a reward for finding special solutions during the playthrough.
  • Reactivity to the player’s character: Throughout gameplay, Vincke played as a custom character elf, showing how the world reacts to who you are and more importantly what decision you’ve made in the past.

The team is now fully focused on preparing for the Early Access release in August 2020 (maybe). As the game progresses, Larian will announce details on the Early Access date and content closer to August.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Shows Progress