Bandai Namco considers subscriptions as possible threats

Faced with the imminent arrival of a new generation of consoles, the industry is now plunged into a fever around subscription and streaming services, something that could change video games completely.

While Google prepares Stadia, its streaming service, Microsoft prepares Project xCloud for game streaming and enjoys great popularity on its Xbox Game Pass – subscription service with access to hundreds of games. EA has also signed up for subscription access to games and Ubisoft is preparing its own service.

In view of this, questions arise about the other major publishers and whether they are willing to bet on similar services. Bandai Namco is attentive, but also believes that there are negative points, according to Hervé Hoerdt.

The senior vice president of marketing, digital and content at Bandai Namco Europe was asked about the company’s position on services and even said they could be considered a threat.

“Subscriptions are more of a threat, that’s for sure,” says Hoerdt.

“The business model behind these subscriptions will be based on two things: the number of hours played in your game compared to the total hours people played, and the number of games played compared to the total number of games.”

“So, in the value chain, we see a big cascade and in the end, the value is too low to be able to invest more in the content. That is the threat we see. But in general, it is exciting, appealing , more opportunities in the future. “

However, Hoerdt does not consider the same for streaming and says it is something different.

“I think there is a misperception, streaming does not mean subscription.”

“It is not mandatory. And we put some games in there, we did tests, we have Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on the way to Stadia, but we have more projects on the way. games and I think it’s important that we make this bet and see how it goes. “