A few days ago we had the opportunity to attend the Level Up event held by Bandai Namco Games in Barcelona, ​​where all the news from the Japanese giant for 2010 and early 2011 were presented, with some last minute surprises included.

Throughout the next few pages we are going to give you the basic details of more than a dozen titles, in what makes up an extremely attractive catalog full of quality that reaffirms the enormous growth experienced by the Japanese holding company in recent months. We have Namco in mind for sagas such as Tekken or Ridge Racer, and Bandai for the Dragon Ball games, but together it seems that they may become one of the most important third parties in the medium-term future, rivaling other large Japanese companies. like SEGA or Square Enix.

Knights Contract (Xbox 360 / PS3)

Let’s start the review of the event with Knights Contract, a novelty for 2011 that was shown for the first time in Barcelona. Set in Germany, in it we play an invincible executioner named Heinrich, who must destroy numerous demons and creatures while protecting a witch named Gretchen capable of casting spells similar to those of Bayonetta.

In the game, a beat ’em up in three dimensions with a style apparently very similar to that of God of War or Dante’s Inferno, we can control only the male character, who is immortal, while we take care of the witch controlled by the AI, which yes You can die. The collaboration between the two is essential, reaching its climax in the battles with the final bosses, with a mechanic similar to that of the Kratos adventure. In addition, according to what we have seen, the Slash / Witchcraft fighting system seems to have enough customization possibilities to generate our own combos and special attacks.

Technically, the game had a very attractive appearance despite the fact that its artistic direction does not seem too original and it does not add anything new that we have not already seen in the genre. In any case, he still has many months of development ahead of him and very little was explained about him, so we will have to keep track of him as it is one of the great bets of the Japanese company in the medium / long term.

Bandai Namco Level Up