Bannerlord – a helpful map of raw materials and trade goods.


  • A map has appeared on Reddit showing the goods produced by individual villages in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.
  • It was created on the basis of a map on the TaleWorlds studio forum, thanks to which we learn that in the title we can visit 53 cities, 67 castles and 272 villages.
  • One of the most lauded elements of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is the improved and more realistic trading system compared to its predecessors. Some people may get lost in it, however. To make it easier to find out where it is best to buy a given good, or which properties to conquer to get the most benefit from it, Reddit user hiding under the pseudonym entirelyalive he prepared a special map on which he placed icons informing what each village produces in the game. You can see it below. Attention! It is up-to-date for version e1.1.0 of the game, the newest one.

    Source: Reddit

    Bannerlord – a helpful map of raw materials and trade goods

    The entirelyalive user created his study based on the map, which is available on the official forum of TaleWorlds studio. Thanks to it, we got to know some interesting statistics. Well, in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord we now find 53 towns, 67 castles and 272 villages, and based on the recent leakage we can safely assume that this is just the beginning. For comparison, in “pure” Warband we can visit 22 cities, 48 ​​castles and 110 villages.

    Which villages to visit to make it the most beneficial for us?

    Bannerlord – a helpful map of raw materials and trade goods

    We remind you that Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has been in Steam Early Access for over two weeks now and is expected to exit in about a year. The title has received positive feedback from players so far, although, as is often the case in Early Access productions, there are plenty of bugs in it. Fortunately, TaleWorlds is not idle and regularly releases new updates to the title. The last one appeared on April 13 and fixed problems related to, inter alia, main plot tasks in the later stages of the game, marriages, or throwing the game to the desktop after changing daily earnings and during periodic events. You can find a detailed description of the patch here. However, here the developers have put a list of known bugs that are waiting to be fixed.

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