The Mossos d’Esquadra have announced that Barcelona will protect their airspace in the coming weeks. The Catalan police presented a security device for the detection and control of drones in Barcelona, ​​as well as in the main airport and petrochemical infrastructures.

It will be a virtual dome, with cameras and antennas to detect and inhibit drones that pose a security risk, according to the same executives described it at a press conference. The objective will be to protect the airspace to avoid possible terrorist attacks carried out with drones, their use in drug trafficking, espionage or the risk of flying over certain critical points such as airports, where drones have already provoked last December. chaos at Gatwick airport.

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Project Kuppel, a NATO approved system

According to Miquel Buch, interior adviser of the Generalitat, “in 2019 and in the second quarter of 2020, we had approximately 900 accidents related to the use of dronesThe project is called Kuppel and will consist of several phases.

The first phase will give start during this month of August and protection will be established for Barcelona. From September, security will arrive at El Prat airport and the Tarragona petrochemical complex.

“We opted for a project approved by NATO. This is the system that NATO uses and we have an initial budget of 400,000 euros“Explained Buch.

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“When Kuppel will be installed in the city of Barcelona, ​​from August, we can say that Barcelona will be the first major European capital to protect the urban environment from drones“Explained the Commissioner for the Interior, who defends the use of this system to prepare for the security challenges of tomorrow.

“This project aims to prevent an attack of this nature. The risk exists and we must have a prepared response, ”explained Eduard Sallent, chief commissioner of the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The Kuppel project is based on a ” network, made up of high-definition sensors and cameras, that reliably locates and identifies unmanned aircraft which operate in no-fly zones. The combination with the camera and the sensor system allows the drones to be monitored and monitored at all times. ”

For the infrastructure of this project, they relied on the work of the Catalan company Droneless, whose objectives will be to detect the drone, geolocate the device, follow the flight, visualize the theft while you are in Barcelona and the possibility of performing an inhibition, only on risky occasions.

Cameras work similarly to radar and will detect drones flying at a height of up to 300 meters. The system works with the help of artificial intelligence and will perform triangulations to be able to analyze the movement and the route taken, as well as to reach the person leading it from the ground.

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Source : Engadget