Batman: Arkham City.

Batman: Arkham City

Two years after surprising everyone with Batman: Arkham AsylumRocksteady repeats the feat with arkham city and beyond, the new dark hero game is bigger and better in every way in an epic and fun adventure.

It’s not only joker this time!

Batman: Arkham City

In an attempt to jumpstart his Gotham City mayoral campaign, Warden Quincy Sharpformer administrator of Arkham Asylum, authorizes the creation of a “superprison” in the center of Gotham, the arkham city that will house not only the “residents” of Arkham Asylum, but also of Blackgate prison and with the sinister Hugo Strange in charge of it all.

In response to that, Bruce Wayne uses his fortune and fame to go against the creation of Arkham City which earns him a one-way ticket to the new prison and a first contact with Hugo Strange, who among many other things, reveals his plan called “Protocol 10”something that will make him as famous as Batman himself.

Batman: Arkham City

And so begins the new adventure of the bat-man, this time much broader and with a much bigger story, with the face of a movie epic. Epic, because different from its predecessor, many other Batman villains are in Arkham City and they all have a different motivation as well as their key roles in the plot of Rocksteady’s new adventure.

In addition to having a much more exciting and extensive story, here we also have an extension of the story with secondary missions, showing small stories in the midst of the huge plot of Arkham City.

Batman: Arkham City

Once again, the emphasis goes to the interpretations and dubbing most of the characters, who this time impress even with secondary characters and, what to talk about a Batman game that has nothing less than the Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Hugo Strange, Catwoman and many other famous characters from franchise?

Improved Gameplay

Batman: Arkham City

If before it was fun playing Batman in an action-adventure game with a third-person perspective, now the fun doubles in Arkham City, thanks to the refinements and newswhich further enhances the feeling of being in control of the bat-man.

In terms of exploration and stealth techniques, Batman has more features now, such as the ability to give skimming and gliding much longer🇧🇷 Once the player has access to the “Advanced Arpeu” crossing one point to another of the extensive city becomes a pleasant and agile activity, since with the low-flying and help of the arpéu (equipment that Batman uses to reach high places) it is possible travel great distances without even touching the ground.

Another highlight is the new equipment. The player will start the new adventure with much of the equipment from the previous game and you’ll have access to some new ones, such as the already mentioned advanced grapnel to ice bombs, a stun gun that will serve both to pass through puzzles and also to use in combos among other gadgets of the hero, in addition, of course, to some old equipment gain new featuresciting Batman’s new ability when using the cable launcherwhich allows the hero to fix the cables between the walls and hang from the cable, opening space for new approaches.

Batman: Arkham City

By the way, here’s another highlight of Arkham City, there are many new ways to approach your enemies, both stealthily and, planning more elaborate and creative tactics as well as during combos, with new moves that Batman learns and can use during fights, which now involve more henchmen than in the previous game. Paying attention to the scenario is always very important, as it will always bring points where Batman can surprise your enemies without being noticed, from fragile wooden walls, to gargoyles scattered around enemies, ducts through which the character can knock out unsuspecting enemies, and much more. The watchword here is to let your imagination guide you when taking down your enemies.always remembering that they get nervous and anxious as their companions are being defeated, something that can and should be used against them.

The fights are also more dynamic, agile and visually much more pleasant, thanks to improvements to animations for Batman and other charactersbringing beautiful and exciting clashes against various henchmen, easily going from clashes against eight or more enemies, who in many cases use knives, broken doors, boxes and other elements of the scenario to attack. Batman’s new gear allows for new variations on combos, in addition, of course, to the new moves that can be released as the player gains experience points, such as moves in which Batman stuns all enemies around him or one where he destroys the weapon of one of them (enemies).

The outstanding novelty is due to the Cat Woman, since the main campaign is divided into moments of control of the bat-man and the deadly cat. The new character is much more agile that Batman and his fights are usually very different from the muscular protagonist, since Catwoman needs to land many more blows to defeat her enemies, on the other hand, she is much more agile when it comes to dodging and defending her enemies’ blows.

Batman: Arkham City

She also has her own equipment and tricks differences when it comes to stealthily approaching your enemies, such as the ability to hang from ceilings or scale buildings much more easily.

living city

Arkham City is much bigger than Arkham Asylum and overflows with much more life than the impressive island of the previous game. As you travel through the huge city, you’ll hear several prisoners and henchmen talking to each other about various subjects, such as which faction they should join, comments about the attitudes of the main villains, among many others. This helps a lot in player immersion in the world of Arkham City and takes away the feeling of robotic enemies as we are used to seeing in many games of the genre.

The city itself is beautiful and huge, full of details and references to the Batman universea real treat for fans of the hero and, much more than that, those who have a sharp eye and pay attention to details will be rewarded with some surprises that aren’t dealt with in the main campaign of Batman: Arkham City. It goes without saying that the city is well designed, with impressive scenarios and its own visual identity, without repetition and always presenting something new, either in the open scenarios or in the various buildings in which it is possible to explore, and as said before, always rewarding the players. more curious and detail-oriented with nice surprises.

Batman: Arkham City

Lots of tasks to take care of

Batman’s new adventure features a plethora of content to keep the player entertained for a long time, from the main campaign with refinements of a true epic, presenting the most diverse objectives to secondary missions, which expand the gaming experience and allow other villains from the Batman universe to do their bit in Arkham City.

The secondary missions are diverse, such as destroying the security cameras of TYGER (mercenaries and ex-policemen who patrol the city and only answer to Hugo Strange), rescuing political hostages who are attacked by other prisoners of the city and other missions that have own plotas the mission of bane where you have to destroy containers scattered around the city that contain the rest of the formula TITAN🇧🇷

Batman: Arkham City

The riddles of Charade they are back and this time they are much more elaborate and, some of them involve large rooms, raising the challenge of completing 100% of the puzzles planned by the sadistic Riddler. To discover the location of all riddles, Batman can now interrogate Riddler henchmen infiltrated in the city’s factions, providing yet another fun mini-game to the already extensive to-do list in Arkham City. It is worth mentioning that the Riddler puzzles are divided, that is, one part is intended for Batman and another part for Catwoman.

There’s also a lot of extra content, like the bibliographies of characters and settings as well, concept art, 3D models of characters, many arenas to unlock in Challenge Mode and a new difficulty modea full plate for Batman fans.

In general terms, to complete 100% of the entire Batman adventure will require a lot of commitment and effort from the players, in a game that can easily surpass 12 hours of gameplaydepending on the player’s ability to complete the side quests and complete all of the Riddler’s puzzles.

Great job on localization for Brazil

Brazilian players have one more reason to celebrate, thanks to the excellent work at Portuguese translation of all Batman: Arkham City textsfrom the subtitles of the dialogues to the texts that appear on Batman’s equipment.

It is true that there was no dubbing in Portuguese, but that does not take away the shine of the beautiful translation work and, let’s face it, with the excellent work in dubbing the characters in the original language (English), even though some prefer the dubbed game in Portuguese, she is not missed in Arkham City.

more beautiful than before

Batman: Arkham City is still prettier than its predecessor, thanks to improvements made by the team at Rocksteady. The characters are even more detailed and their facial expressions much more impressive, imparting life and taking away the dead fish look that some prisoners displayed in Arkham Asylum. Another aspect that comes back is the scratches and cuts that Batman and Catwoman suffer in the course of the adventure, as well as their clothing that presents tears and deformations, a very cool feat that increases realism.

Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City’s massive backdrops are even more detailed, full of references to the Batman universe, like the alley where Bruce’s parents die as well as the theater they were in moments before their deaths. It is also impressive the diversity of the scenarios that are never repeated and never stray from the theme of the gamejust like in the previous game.

On PCs, the graphics quality is even higher and the most surprising are the particle, shadow, light and smoke effects, with details impressive for an open world gamesuch as, for example, the snow that falls on Batman’s cape and dissolves over time or even the voluminous smoke of cold air that permeates the laboratory of doctor Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze). It’s worth investing in the PC version if you have a machine that can handle the game, although the console versions are very beautiful too.

The sounds are as good as the graphics, with vSeveral compelling sound effects punctuating the entire gameplay, from the sounds of footsteps on different types of floors to others, such as the noise of breaking glass, the sound of bangs, shots, among many others. The soundtrack appears more times and continues with excellent compositions characteristics of the franchise and, again, the highlight is the voiceoversboth the excellent work with Batman and Joker as well as all the other main characters, such as Penguin, Harley Quinn, Two-Face and among others. Even the random prisoners of Arkham City have great voice acting, showing the love and care of the development team and voice actors.