Batman Arkham Knight, capped at 30 FPS and full of bugs.

The new Batman Arkham Knight has just been released, and the criticism from users and the specialized media could not be worse. The game is “dropped” at 30 FPS, showing that Rocksteady has done a poor console port, and both NVIDIA graphics users (for which the game is theoretically optimized) and AMD are suffering serious performance and stability problems.

The company responsible for the development of the game, Rocksteady, has admitted the performance and stability problems that we are talking about and has limited itself to updating the minimum system requirements, simply to add AMD hardware. It seems incredible that in a triple A game AMD hardware has not been included in the system requirements (especially when it has also been released for consoles, and you already know that both PS4 and Xbox One are powered by AMD hardware) and that the developer He has limited himself to this and has not given explanations, but anyway, we are going to see these problems and what is happening with the latest title in the Batman Arkham saga.

Batman Arkham Knight, capped at 30 FPS and full of bugs

A large number of users who have purchased the new Batman Arkham Knight have reported all sorts of performance and stability issues, the most notable being poor performance even with the latest generation graphics cards, and a wide variety of bugs, glitches, crashes, and crashes. game and so on.

The 30 FPS max can be modified, but it doesn’t fix the issues

Fortunately, the 30 FPS “cap” can be changed by simply editing the “BMsystemsettings” file with notepad and changing the MaxFPS parameter.

Batman Arkham Knight, capped at 30 FPS and full of bugs

However, despite the fact that the game is optimized for NVIDIA graphics, and the company has just released a “Game Ready” driver for it, even users with a Geforce GTX Titan-X graphics have reported that they cannot get the game to work. I play at 60 FPS, not even relaxing the graphics settings at medium level, and also suffering continuous “crashes”, drops in FPS and so on.

AMD has also released an updated driver to optimize the performance of its graphics in Batman Arkham Knight, but the result obtained has been similar.

Batman Arkham Knight, capped at 30 FPS and full of bugs

User criticism tarnishes the launch

When the day of the launch of a highly anticipated game such as this case finally arrives, it is normally a day of joy for the players because they will finally be able to enjoy the game they have been waiting for so long (especially when, as in this case, which has suffered various delays).

Instead, what they get is a terrible gaming experience, running at only 30 FPS (if that’s it) on PC and with numerous issues like the ones we’ve told you about. For this reason, the Steam community has been filled with negative reviews and as you can see in the screenshots below, Batman Arkham Knight is receiving a barrage of negative reviews that are undoubtedly doing a lot of damage to the image of the game.

Batman Arkham Knight, capped at 30 FPS and full of bugs

From frustration to joke

Of course, this situation has frustrated the illusion of many fans of the saga, who expected a lot from a title listed from the beginning as triple A. But as always, many users (especially those who had not pre-purchased the game) have taken to joke about this fiasco, and they have not hesitated for a moment to capture it on social networks.

There is already a solution for the performance problems of “Batman: Arkham Knight” on PC –

– McJuelo (@Majuelo) June 23, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight, capped at 30 FPS and full of bugs

It must be recognized that this Twitt is not without reason, since as you know you can now request a refund of the game through Steam (and the situation seems quite justified to do so).

The game as such is amazing. There is no need to despair.

Without leaving aside the fact that the frustration of the fans who have bought the game is very understandable, we have to say that as such it has a very good review (especially good due to a very good Spanish localization), with a great story, soundtrack and gameplay. It has been clouded by the technical section, yes, but we must not lose faith and we will have to wait for a new move by Rocksteady to solve it, which will surely come in the form of a patch for the game, let’s just hope it doesn’t take long. arrive (for PS4 they have already released a 3.5 GB patch that theoretically improves performance and stability, but for PC there is no news at the moment).

Update: RockSteady has already made a statement in this regard, saying that they are aware of the bugs and are already working closely with their third-party partner responsible for developing the game for PC.

Batman Arkham Knight, capped at 30 FPS and full of bugs