Battlefield 1 Introduces “Forge of Leaders” DLC Pack.


This morning, DICE has announced a great pack of DLCs for Battlefield 1, the shooter set in the First World War that sweeps both sales and reviews around the world. This is a pack of 6 new stories for the campaign mode that follows the footsteps of the most relevant characters of the Second World War when they were young and lived in the turbulent times of the Great War.

“Forge of Leaders” allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of characters like Hitler, De Gaulle, Patton and Stalin and live with them their experiences in this bloody conflict. These DLCs double the length of the original campaign with frenetic and immersive missions that will allow us to experience the horror of the trenches told by the soldiers who two decades later would lead another even greater war. We will see them suffer, celebrate, cry and fight, while trying to get home safe and sound to carry out the mission that the future has planned for them.

Without further ado, let’s go with the characters:

Battlefield 1 Introduces “Forge of Leaders” DLC Pack


Adolf Hitler Pölzl always wanted to enter the Vienna Academy of Arts to fulfill his dream of being a painter. To his misfortune and surely to that of the world as well, Adolf was not admitted and had to eke out a meager living in Vienna. With a strong Germanic nationalist sentiment and with nothing to lose, the young Austrian volunteered for the German Army and fought throughout the war on the Western Front. Their mission: to get messages of high importance from one trench to another to ensure coordination between the different units. Will he succeed, or will he end up like so many others dead in no man’s land?

Battlefield 1 Introduces “Forge of Leaders” DLC Pack


Until recently, Benito was a totally convinced socialist agitator and a tremendously convinced kid. By 1915, the young Italian was drafted into the army and quickly rose through the ranks for his sharp shooting skills and excellent sense of duty. In the Austro-Hungarian army, speaking his name is scary, as no one is safe from the Italian marksman and his endless list of casualties. Not even General Conrad Von Hötzendorf, who will go to the front to lead the Emperor’s soldiers in person. The problem? Benito knows he’s going, but this time putting a bullet between his target’s eyebrows will be more difficult than usual, but if the Italian likes something, it’s challenges…

Battlefield 1 Introduces “Forge of Leaders” DLC Pack


Captain de Gaulle is known in the Gallic army for his bravery and courage leading his troops against the Kaiser’s men. It does not matter that he has been wounded 3 times, one of them seriously: De Gaulle continues to fight and there is no one to stop him. However, after being wounded by a German bayonet, the young French officer is transferred to a prison camp in Bavaria, where he befriends the Russian Mikhail Tukhachevski, who would later become one of the most important Soviet generals. Tired of being imprisoned, de Gaulle and Tukhachevski plan to escape once and for all from the internment camp. They only have one chance. will they make it?

Battlefield 1 Introduces “Forge of Leaders” DLC Pack


This amorphous hybrid of gorilla and English lord is the British Army’s new experimental weapon of mass destruction. With his supersonic banana and his atomic cigars, Winston manages to take out entire regiments of Germans. After repelling the German counterattack on the Somme, Winston secretly heads to the port of Bremen to destroy the German fleet with wafers like nuclear bread and cigars. No one escapes its destruction


Battlefield 1 Introduces “Forge of Leaders” DLC Pack

This intrepid American captain arrives in France covered in glory after killing several followers of Pancho Villa in Mexico. Upon request, Patton was given command of a unit of tanks with the aim of defeating the Germans at Cambrai. The Germans are well entrenched, but that does not seem to discourage the young American. Another thing is that he manages to win, something that many doubt.


Stalin grew up in a rural Georgian family with economic and alcohol problems. To ensure a decent future for him, his mother sent him to a seminary to study for a good future as an Orthodox priest. Instead of growing his faith in God, Iosif became an atheist and came into contact with Marxism. It is 1917 and Lenin is about to arrive in a Russian Empire devastated by war and with a population furious against Tsar Nicholas II. Stalin has been entrusted with the mission of infiltrating the Winter Palace and recovering valuable documents that will undoubtedly be of great help to the communist cause. However, Stalin suspects that a famous inspector is after him…

Battlefield 1 Introduces “Forge of Leaders” DLC Pack

Also, as a bonus we can play with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and fight against the greatest enemy never seen before in the Battlefield saga: polio.