battlefield 1.

Almost a century has passed since the end of World War I, a conflict that does not receive as much attention as World War II, which came two decades later, but which involved all the great powers of the time and transformed the world. In case of battlefield 1it does an excellent job of transporting us to that period in our history.

Those who played the previous titles in the franchise that had single player campaigns must remember that they weren’t that great. With the exception of Bad Company 1 and twowho delivered something with acceptable quality, battlefield 3🇧🇷 4 and Hardline it has completely skippable single-player modes, as they feel more like generic shooters in this regard. Lucky for us, battlefield 1 has a great campaign, which despite not being stellar, is somewhat reminiscent of the experience offered to us by call of duty 2 or Medal of Honor: Allied Assault🇧🇷

It is divided into five distinct stories that take place in different periods of the war, mixing fictional and real characters. Before playing them, you are placed in front of the battlefield, where you must face the forces of the German Empire using several American soldiers. When you die, you are transferred to another character’s control, until you finish this intro. It kind of serves to show you what awaits you.

battlefield 1

The stories themselves are five. Through Mud and Blood, where you have to pilot a British tank through enemy lines. Friends in the Right Places, which pits you against battle in the skies using period planes. Avanti Savoia, in which you control a soldier from the Kingdom of Italy equipped with powerful armor that protects you from bullets and at the same time allows you to crush enemies with your machine gun more easily. The Corridor, where you are an Australian soldier and need to protect your pupil, and, finally, Nothing Is Set, where you play in the company of the famous Lawrence of Arabia in a campaign against the Ottoman Empire.

Are they all good stories? Unfortunately not, but the action moments in most of them are great, even in Amigos no Recdos which starts very slowly and, only after many minutes of stalling, does it engage in something exciting. The Corridor could also have received more attention, as in addition to being extremely short, it is boring to do. The other three campaigns however are excellent and will likely please most players.

battlefield 1

Something that caught my attention is that the battles in trenches, a well-known aspect of the 1st World War, are almost not touched on in battlefield 1, but despite that you’ll experience some very tense moments from that time, including having to protect yourself from attacks with mustard gas. One thing DICE could have implemented but didn’t is show us the conflict as seen by the Germans, Ottomans or Austro-Hungarians. She decided to focus exclusively on allies, which is a shame.

The campaigns also have a characteristic aspect of the multiplayer mode, which is the need to capture certain locations in some of them. There are collectibles that will need to be found by those who like to hunt for trophies or achievements. The AI ​​has good aim and will give even more experienced players a hard time. Anyone who is going to zero the single player only once, will probably take a maximum of 5 or 6 hours.

battlefield 1

It should be noted that if you are thinking of acquiring battlefield 1 just for the single player mode, the ideal is to wait for its price to drop a little more, because it is in the multiplayer that this game really shines.

I must have spent close to 30 hours playing online games already and, I have to say, DICE nailed it. She managed to bring that feeling we had when we played Battlefield 1942but with WW1 weapons and vehicles.

battlefield 1

There are again four classes with access to various weapons and accessories, and all the franchise’s familiar multiplayer game modes are present, with the addition of War Pigeons, where you must release a pigeon to call for help (or prevent opponents from doing so). ) and also Operations, in which you relive real battles that took place in the War. Unfortunately, I couldn’t play this unprecedented experience much, because at least on the PC, there were almost always not enough players for it, something that never happened in Domination, Onslaught, Conquest or Every Team for Itself modes.

In addition to the four standard classes in multiplayer, you can randomly find equipment from elite classes, which will give you a certain advantage when used. There’s one, for example, that provides a flamethrower, perfect for taking out infantry. There’s another one that comes with an extremely powerful anti-tank weapon. There is also one that makes the player armored, allowing them to withstand more fire, while mincing up enemies with a powerful machine gun.

Something I couldn’t fail to mention is the addition of the horse, one of the best aspects of the game. It is simply delightful to gallop past an enemy and cut his head off with the sword. There are also mustard gas grenades that suffocate opposing players within range, forcing them to protect themselves with a mask that sacrifices their aiming accuracy.

battlefield 1

Gameplay is among the best available in a shooter today. Each weapon feels completely different from the last, and you’ll need to get used to them in order to do well on the battlefield. Melee combat has never been so violent, with a wide variety of melee weapons for you to finish off your enemy in some pretty brutal ways.

Graphically we are talking about one of the most beautiful games of the generation. Not just that, but battlefield 1 it’s also a lightweight game, and you don’t need to own a “NASA computer” to appreciate its beauty, because even though it doesn’t run on Ultra graphics, it’s a sight for sore eyes.

During the dozens of hours I played, however, I found some bugs. Nothing that detracted from the experience however. It was things like clumps of grass floating in the sky or some dead character stuck inside the walls.

battlefield 1

It’s true that battlefield 1 comes dubbed in Portuguese, but I didn’t particularly like the result. There are good moments in the voice acting, but there are also terrible ones, which don’t give you the real feeling of a certain situation. By chance, it is possible to play with audio in English, which is exceptional, and texts in Portuguese.