Battlefield V – Test/Review (PC).

Today we’re looking at Battlefield V, another part of the shooter series from Electronic Arts and DICE.

This means: We are going to war! More precisely in the 2nd World War. You can find out what we experienced there in our test report.

All beginnings are difficult

Battlefield V – Test/Review (PC)

Whether it’s operations or other game modes, we’re going into battle, even if there’s collateral damage to complain about in war. As is well known, Germany had to deal with a worldwide superiority of Allied opponents, including Great Britain. First of all, it should be criticized that a battle royal mode will follow as well as other operations.

So what does Battlefield V offer? Well, among other things, the conquest mode with battles of 64 players should be mentioned. This runs in several phases, in which it is important to eliminate and defeat the opponent. Here the player encounters opposing flag positions, which must be destroyed or bases must be conquered, held and defended. What is really impressively “captured” are the tank battles in terms of content. Whether as a driver or a soldier, the battles are fun and offer action, and sometimes moments of frustration. Even as a soldier you are no longer without a chance against a generic tank.

Battlefield V – Test/Review (PC)

The authenticity of the maps is guaranteed as they are based on the events around 1942 and 1943, which mainly took place in Africa. However, cooperation between players is more important than ever to be successful. Good squad leaders delegate their players to the right strategic points in order to be able to really heat up the opponent. With this, for example, you can often maintain a certain pressure on the enemy in combat when a complete squad respawn takes place. Good cooperation is particularly important in the big battles. Whether it’s support building barricades or barrages, you help each other out to win. Basically, the weapon types are well introduced. You can see this especially in moments when a V1 literally flies around your ears and hits not far away.

The sound and its effects also contribute to the gameplay, even if the proverbial icing on the cake is missing. Unfortunately, it should be mentioned that EA does not support Dolby Atmos.

Battlefield V – Test/Review (PC)

Impressive destructive potential with pitfalls

The integrated and improved destruction system, which also depends on the ammunition type, offers strong improvements, but still rare bugs such as lights that are not destroyed, for example. But, again, offers impressive moments when you literally dissect a wooden house into stages with a few rounds of an anti-tank gun, in order to startle a surprised opponent. Central elements such as stairs are not affected by destruction, as the developer declares them as intentions in order to be able to maintain important covers over time.

Battlefield V – Test/Review (PC)

What is used a lot is an integrated building system. So you can nail up windows quickly and effectively or build walls and barricades. Even if you have been knocked back by the opponent, it always makes sense to build up or use new covers effectively. However, this cannot be done everywhere, but is mainly oriented towards the front line. Defenders are no longer necessarily at an advantage, which is also thanks to the large operations and the consecutive rounds and modes. If it still comes down to a tight decision, there will be a small foretaste of the upcoming Battle Royal mode and an extra round will be completed in which everyone only has one life.

We arm ourselves

Thus, the player receives damage during battles. You have to adapt to a new energy system in which there is no automatic complete regeneration of this. A medikit can help here for your own survival or you can make slight changes to the equipment. In Battlefield V, this offers thirty primary weapons on which changes to the visor, telescopic sight, optics or specializations can be made. The latter are unlocked by leveling up the weapon and are thereby unlocked. Thus, in combat, sooner or later, as long as you master the confusing menu structure, you will be able to aim faster or fall back on more precision. There is no lack of armaments. For example, there are 18 gadgets that can be smoke grenades or spawn beacons. But also machine guns, shotguns as well as second and melee weapons may be used. Cosmetic items can be purchased later by using real money (Battlefield Currency). If you already like good clothes, you can buy them with the primary currency (company coins). But the vehicles or planes can also be improved and you get access to mortars and other useful stuff that can be used in battle. Players should pay special attention to the bridge fight, which comes across as almost Hollywood-ready like in some films. But even a bombed-out Rotterdam can be “impressive” and gives you goosebumps, but also makes you think about the destruction sapiens is capable of.

Battlefield V – Test/Review (PC)

Impressive campaign offers a variety of ways to play

With Battlefield V, DICE and Electronic Arts again offer the exciting war stories of the world war, which, however, are not related to each other in terms of content. These are played in individual episodes, in which the player will end up in a wide variety of theaters of war. A prologue already gives us a small foretaste of what to expect here. Whether tank battles of the infantry or impressive air battles. Chapter by chapter, specific theaters of war are worked through, but the player has great freedom in how they approach them.

You can proceed rather silently and thus unobtrusively, or you can announce your arrival with a lot of noise in advance, but warn your opponents. Whether infiltration, sabotage or confrontation, many things can lead to the goal. In the first episode (Under No Flag) you can also use the wheels as an option. As a British criminal you are involved in battles with the Germans in Africa for the Special Boat Service. Here you attack radar systems, supply posts or airfields and have to survive a lot of action with an escort. Most of the time your opponent knows you’re coming. Impressive explosions often announce to the opponent that we will appear soon. Sabotage can also be helpful and does not provide any incoming reinforcement, as long as you successfully switch off alarm transmitters.

Battlefield V – Test/Review (PC)

In the second part (Nordly) you can now live out the infiltration aspect more. This episode also impresses with other game elements, which were not available in multiplayer mode. You’re surrounded by ice, and if you don’t warm up enough, you can die of hypothermia. Hypothermia greatly affects your aim, as you tremble. There is plenty of variety in this part of the campaign. Whether in a chase or as a bodyguard, it takes us to a wide variety of scenes.

In Episode Three (Tirailleur) you are on duty in the liberation of France. A lot of things should remind players of the mass battles in multiplayer mode. Both tasks and similar procedures, such as taking or holding positions, are reminiscent of conquest. You will fight here masses of opponents. Was that really the intention of the developer?

The fourth of the campaign (The Last Tiger) will be submitted later. Here you are on the German side and already have the upcoming defeat as a tank commander in mind. The campaign chapters offer entertainment, which can last up to two hours. But there is also replay value if you want to try the campaign in a different way.

A helpless and aimless-looking AI often provides funny moments. She can be easily killed or alerted by an alarm signal as if with super powers, she spots us from a very great distance. But enough nagging. Instructions are followed, roles are performed accordingly. The behavior is recognizable when a medic does what he is supposed to do: he revives others.

Battlefield V – Test/Review (PC)

Greatly designed maps bring real joy to the campaign. Whether recognizable particle or dust effects or an atmospheric lighting, which one immediately notices. There is also a lot going on in the surrounding area. Because explosions simply disintegrate many things into rubble and ash.

Good soundscape

A great sound and the associated noises often ensure a true war experience, which you probably don’t want to experience like this.

Battlefield V – Test/Review (PC)

if you have a good sound system, you will get your money’s worth here. Dolby Atmos is not supported. But in the campaign or the multiplayer you get your money’s worth when the projectiles and bullets are literally flying around your ears. These are in turn accompanied by tank salvos or explosions. It’s amazing what you can tease out of your home system here. The apartment shakes, the walls shake.

What is there to complain about?

Sometimes rare lags on the PC cloud the fun of the game a bit.

All dialogue has been left in the original language, which in general is also good for authenticity. But sometimes you miss the subtitles.

Even small mistakes in the destruction system sometimes cause a smile when buildings are destroyed, light bulbs and boxes sometimes seem indestructible. Also, if you fire a machine gun into a forest, only leaves will fall from the trees. Battlefield in particular shines with its destructive potential and scores. Therefore, the aforementioned examples are of course a bit of a disappointment.

Likewise, a haphazard or superhuman-looking AI sometimes causes a shake of the head. You can also recognize driverless trucks or objects simply disappear. It’s the little things that often stand out.

In terms of sound, it’s a pity that EA didn’t consider perfecting the gaming fun with Dolby Atmos.

Enough bitching.

Battlefield V – Test/Review (PC)

Otherwise, Battlefield V can score points compared to its competition, especially with its large operations or other game modes such as Team Deathmatch and provides the necessary variety.

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