I recently had the opportunity to play Bayonetta 2which was released for the Wii U in October 2014. Since the character will soon be available as a fighter in Super Smash Bros.I thought this would be a perfect time to write down my thoughts on the game.

First, I loved the Bayonetta original, released in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. I enjoyed it as much as other titles in the genre such as god of war 2🇧🇷 Ninja Gaiden Sigma it’s the first Devil May Cry, which I consider to be among the best of their kind. So imagine my euphoria when I finally got to play Bayonetta 2🇧🇷 And let me tell you, I was pretty pleased with this sequel.

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The strongest point of the series, the gameplay, managed to get even better. The cool thing is that nothing has been changed in a very radical way, small touches were given that left the controls bordering on perfection. Nothing fancy has been added that would compromise anything. It’s all been carefully refined by Platinum Games. The variety in combos and blows is immense. The fights with each enemy you encounter are fast battles full of beatings that will test your reflexes and also your creativity when it comes to executing sequences of blows. The “Witch Time” is back, which slows down time for enemies, giving you a huge advantage for a few seconds. When the fight is over, you can’t wait for the next fight, more challenging and varied than the last.

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You still have access to a store where you can buy new skills to expand Bayonetta’s range of blows, just like in the predecessor, in addition to items to help in the most difficult moments, increase your life and magic bar. As you continue in the game, you’ll find new weapons, which you can equip as you like in your hands and feet, and you can change their combinations just by pressing a button. My favorite combination was using a pair of swords in my hands and a pair of whips in my legs. The swords gave me offensive strength, while the whips had a very long reach.

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Another very important detail is that almost every time you are in one of the game’s chapters, some monstrous enemy comes at you, almost a boss so to speak before the boss itself. They are incredibly challenging battles that will make you practice your dodging for the exact moment the enemy attacks you to activate the “Witch Time” and strike back, along with the “Umbran Climax” skill, which makes your blows incredibly powerful for the duration. your magic bar. And, of course, of course, when it comes to finishing off the enemy, Bayonetta summons some infernal being to finish the job.

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As in the first game, which even comes with the sequel, it is possible to use the GamePad functions to play. You can unleash devastating combos simply by tapping the screen, but honestly, it’s a sin to deprive yourself of the exceptional gameplay that this game gives you with something as simple as tapping a screen. I strongly recommend using a Pro Controller when playing.

Graphically speaking, Bayonetta 2 it is prettier than its predecessor, with much more vivid and defined colors and settings. The game runs at 60fps most of the time, but has its moments of drops. However, I didn’t particularly see anything that got in my way during the crucial hours, when I was coming down on an enemy or boss. The experience isn’t quite as smooth as the first game on Xbox 360 or Wii U due to the better graphics taking its toll, but it’s light years ahead of what was seen on PS3. The soundtrack remains superb, complementing the mood and adding to the immersion the entire time you’re playing.

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The story, to be quite honest, is not very relevant. Bayonetta has to figure out a way to help her now friend and partner Jeanne, interacting with gods, angels, demons, time traveling, that sort of thing. It’s really just an excuse for her to go around hitting everyone. The good of the story Bayonetta 2 is that she is not very predictable. There comes a time when you simply won’t know where you’re going to hide or which enemies you’re going to face.

Something that is also impressive is the immense amount of content available after you finish the game. After sweeping all the main stages, you can do the “Witch Trials”, which are basically tests to measure your skills with Bayonetta. You will need to purchase very expensive accessories with the use of halos if you want to go far with them. An extreme difficulty level is also released, and if you, like me, enjoyed the game a lot, you will play it again.

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Oh, I can’t forget to mention the “Tag Climax” mode, which is a multiplayer mode where you compete with another player to see who can defeat the most enemies to get the much-needed halos, the game’s currency. You can play against an AI-controlled opponent, but having someone real as an opponent is infinitely more fun. You, however, probably won’t waste a lot of time in this mode. Playing with a friend or colleague is cool, but the game really shines in the main campaign.