Konami Digital Entertainment is pleased to announce the worldwide release of BEAT ARENA, a new VR band performance game featuring songs from the popular BEMANI series. The game is available now for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, and will be coming to Steam VR soon.

The new VR game puts players at the center of a band where they can choose from a variety of instruments – drums, guitar, keyboard and bass. Each instrument offers a unique, rhythmic gameplay.


Players can form their own bands with their friends, taking advantage of the game’s asynchronous multiplayer functionality, where they can see their friends’ past performances.


Players can look their best both on and off stage with BEAT ARENA’s highly customizable original avatars that reflect unique personalities.


Players can rewatch and share their performances with the Replay mode, which offers different angles such as “live camera”, “performer” and more options. For players who have perfected their musical performance on the instrument and want to add vocals to their music videos, BEAT ARENA offers the possibility to activate lyrics.

With the global release, ten more songs with English lyrics and instrumental titles are added, so that a total of 41 songs have to be mastered. The following is the full track listing:

  • Accord – BEMANI Sound Team “HuΣeR” feat. Wanderlust
  • WONDER TRIP – dadaco
  • Cajuput – BEMANI Sound Team “Yvya”
  • *NEW* BLACK JACKAL (GITADORA Style) – Akira Complex with BEMANI Sound Team
  • *NEW* Brazilian Anthem – Berimbau ’66
  • Clowing Folly – KanadeYUK
  • *NEW* DEADMAN’S BED – Rotten Blotch
  • Drastic Your Dream – Ryo Shirasawa feat. Mizuho Yasuda
  • DREAMING!! – Tokimeki Idol project
  • Fat Snail – NECOMATA MODIFY SALVATION feat. Hinata Shishido
  • *NEW* Fly Far Bounce – Nekomata_master (GITADOROCK by Mutsuhiko Izumi)
  • *NEW* Fuego -GITADORA EDITION- – BEMANI Sound Team “Yvya”
  • Just Believe – Kanako Kotera
  • LEMON & SALT – Hideyuki Ono×96×Yoshihiko Koezuka
  • *NEW* Mannequin – Sis Bond Chit
  • Murmur Twins (guitar pop ver.) – yu_tokiwa.djw merge scl.gtr
  • Raspberry—Yoshihiko Koezuka
  • *NEW* Reaching for the Stars—serena
  • Real -L Size No Yume- – MAKI
  • *NEW* SEA ANEMONES – Jimmy Weckl
  • Sweet Feelin’ – Honey latte
  • *NEW* Take My Hand – Maria Eva with Dream Swing Kingdom
  • TAKE YOU AWAY – SHIN feat.MiA & BEMANI Sound Team “asaki”
  • Quilt – Des-Sana+wpt9
  • *NEW* green leaf syndrome – red glasses feat. ok satoshi
  • Gensouka-Kanako Hoshino
  • Hatashijou-ATSUMI UEDA
  • Black Hole – Megumi Tatsumi featured by Hiroaki Sano
  • Peppermint Wa Watashi No Teki—Yu Tokiwa
  • Hoshihuri—Sana
  • Hane Naki Shojo Uta – Junjou Discord (Innocent Discord)
  • Kikagakuteki Trickster – DJ Genki feat. SHIN from HYPERNOVA With Mitsuyo
  • Mikeneko Rock’n Roll – MAJISKA
  • Shōnen Ripples—Yu Tokiwa
  • Jousou Dystopia – mami
  • Fuurin Hanabi – BEMANI Sound Team “Gekidan Record” feat. Yura Mari
  • Matenrou No Tokuiten〜Anti;HERO – Junjou Discord (Innocent Discord)
  • Yume Ni Tsuite TYPE C – Hideyuki Ono feat. Hiromi Okamoto
  • Koi No Melody – SARAH
  • Rin To Saku Hana No Gotoku – BENIIRO RITOMASU
  • Oboro – GITADOROCK by Yamato
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    BEAT ARENA is available now for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 for €29.99. The game will also be coming to Steam VR soon and will support the following VR headsets: HTC Vive, Valve Index and Oculus Rift.

    The game has texts in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.