Plague Inc., the strategic pandemic simulator, is suddenly no longer available in the Chinese App Store. So far, it is not clear why this is so.

The developers of Ndemic Creations said in a blog post that they learned that their game “contains content that is classified as illegal by the Chinese cyberspace agency.” The developers don’t know much more.

“This situation is completely out of our control,” writes Ndemic. “We don’t know if this withdrawal has anything to do with the Corona outbreak in China. Plague Incs. The educational value has been recognized repeatedly by organizations like the CDC. We are currently working with major global health organizations to explore how we can help them control and contain COVID-19. ”

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Following the coronavirus outbreak, Plague Inc. has become so popular in China that developers have been forced to remind players that it is not a scientific model. The game’s triumph on the charts has sparked a lot of discussion. And now let’s go.

It seems pretty obvious that the authoritarian Chinese regime is removing corona references from the public debate. This is happening more and more, as reported by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal (paid article).

Analyst Daniel Ahmad also points out that the game never got a real launch license in China. Plague Inc. is eight years old and appeared before the current licensing requirements took effect. To date, this is the only game related to viruses and epidemics that has disappeared from the store. Another reason, Ahmad said, could be the recent update of false information about the game and the government fear that Plague Inc. may misinform those seeking advice.

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Either way, Ndemic Creations is working hard to get the game into the hands of Chinese players. However, you know it can be difficult.

“As a small independent games studio in the UK this obviously sounds bad to us. Our immediate priority is to contact the Chinese cyberspace agency to understand their concerns and work with them to find a solution. “

Source: Twitter Feeds