For today between offers of the day most notable of Amazon, we have a few designed for the home. Robot vacuum cleaners, conventional vacuum cleaners, ice machines, hair dryers … Read on to see if they are what you are looking for.

  • If we are looking for a very economical robot vacuum cleaner, which will lighten our household chores, sweeping and scrubbing, we have the Mellerware City Lite, which has a remote control and is programmable, in addition to having autonomy for about 160 minutes, being capable of scrubbing with a single full tank of about 135 m2, and that today has a price of only 127.99 euros, with the discount of 27 euros from the usual 154.99.
  • From Gridinlux Today we have a broom-type vacuum cleaner, without cables or bags, with a removable tank and HEPA H13 filter and a liter capacity, designed for homes with pets, with various accessories for it. We have it to 158.38 euros, reduced by 39.59 euros from the usual 197.97.
  • If you are one of those people who uses a lot of ice cubes in summer, it may be useful to have an ice machine like the one Singer HZB-12 / A. It is capable of providing up to 12 Kg of ice in 24 hours and has an automatic stop in case of running out of water or being full and today we have it for 159 euros, with a discount of about 91 euros.
  • For those who prefer or have enough with a fan to alleviate the heats of this time of year, we have today lowered a tabletop ventilator such as the Mellerware Air Power 35. It has 5 blades and offers 3 speeds, we have it finished in both black and white, and it has a discount today of 10 euros, going from 39.99 to 29.99 euros.
  • Meanwhile, the Mellerwere Air Power 50 It offers us basically the same, but with a height-adjustable pedestal. It also has 5 blades and 3 speeds of use, we have it available only in white and it has a price today 49.99 euros, with a discount from 59.99 of 10 euros.
  • We also have a tabletop model like the Mellerware Air Force 30, also available in white or black, with a compact and original design, 3 blades and 35 W of power, which is now available for 26.99 euros instead of the usual 34.99, thus saving us 8 euros.
  • A very inexpensive hair dryer, like the Beautural 721DE, with 2200 W of power, with ionic function to take care of the hair, which offers 2 speeds of use and 3 temperatures and comes with a concentrator and diffuser, it is available today for only 23.19 euros, down from the usual 28.99 at 5.80.

These are just some of the best offers of the day that you can find today, but you can find more here. And you know; Shipping is free on orders over 29 euros. In addition, Amazon Prime customers receive their purchases the next day. If you are not already, you can try it for free for a month. Of course, without a commitment to stay and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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