On these pages, we have already repeatedly expressed our regrets about the current situation in the video game world. If on the one hand, in fact, 2020 was a year of strong growth for video game sales, on the other hand the Covid-19 pandemic which has literally ravaged the world has forced us to give up annual meetings. habits in which all industry leaders raise the curtain on their future projects.

E3 was canceled for the first time in over 20 years, all live events turned into streaming conferences and even Europe’s most important trade show, Gamescom, had to close its doors for this edition. .

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As someone said, however, “the show must go on” and once again we were able to attend an event dedicated to video games in the last period of August. Gamescom – Live Opening Night 2020 (that’s the name chosen for the event) was streamed live on all of the internet’s most important video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, and was able to attract the attention of tens of thousands of players with a different entity ad series.

The indefatigable Geoff Keighley put on a two-hour show in which trailers, interviews and insights took turns on stage to confirm, once again, the incredible aggregating power of video game media. .

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Gamescom – Opening Night Live 2020 was streamed live on all major internet video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

Of course, seeing the location of Koelnmesse, the historic theater from Gamescom’s days, completely empty, made a certain impression on us. These huge hallways, usually full of voices, sounds, colors and much and much passion, now appear as bare vestiges of a world that must have given way to an unexpected and sudden plague.

During the show, for example, a gag dedicated to Crash Bandicoot 4 saw the legendary marsupial roam the halls of the deserted structure with a mask on his face. If the intention was obviously to lighten the atmosphere, we do not hide it: we have experienced a mixture of unease and deep sadness for the days in which we live.

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That said, however, video games have always had the undeniable advantage of upping the spirits of us fans even in the darkest of times and, once again, Keighley brought us a series of surprises that we decided to analyze. in a dedicated article. . Here are the moments that impressed us the most from Opening Night Live 2020.

The Unknown 9 cross-media project

We couldn’t open this discussion without talking about what in all likelihood is the most ambitious title among those featured at the event. Unknown 9 is the name of a cross-media narrative work that will tell us about the existence of a dark dimension parallel to ours. The setting is described as a complex world full of ancient mysteries, conspiracies and deadly rivalries and its products will be distributed in different forms.

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Unknown 9: Out of Sight, for example, will be an episode scripted podcast that will be released on major audio streaming platforms; Unknown 9: Genesis, meanwhile, is a trilogy of novels written by Layton Green (former author of the series devoted to Dominic Gray and the Blackwood saga); Unknown 9: Torment, finally, will be a comic book series curated by Brandon Thomas (famous writer of Image Comics) and Francis Portela (internationally renowned designer who has collaborated with DC Comics, Marvel and Image).

On top of that, there’s also Unknown 9: Awakening, the video game incarnation of the brand by newbie Reflector Entertainment (a team made up of several industry veterans) which will be released next year on PC, PS5. and Xbox Series X.

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The Unknown 9 project can therefore be experienced using individually the different independent products that make up the story or as a single huge narrative universe unprecedented in history. It is, without a doubt, a job that we will be following closely.

12 Minutes and its stellar cast

12 Minutes is a really fascinating game. The very concept of continually reliving a twelve-minute time loop in an attempt to thwart a potential tragedy intrigues us indescribably. The title, published by Annapurna and developed by Luis Antonio (a talented artist who had previously worked at Rockstar and Ubisoft), however still had an ace in the hole that had not been revealed to us before the ONL 2020 event: a stellar cast of voice actors who will lend their voices to the characters.

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We’re talking about James McAvoy, a whimsical Hollywood actor who we’ve enjoyed in great acting performances such as Mr. Night Shyamalan’s Split; Daisy Ridley, the famous Rey from the new Star Wars trilogy and, finally, Willem Defoe, one of the most competent and important performers of recent years.

The story of 12 Minutes takes place entirely in a house. The camera, placed on the ceiling of the house, follows the events of a normal married couple who are apparently happy with their lives. The woman is pregnant and her husband is doing everything possible to support her in the difficult time of motherhood.

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Suddenly, however, a policeman bursts into the apartment and accuses the woman of brutally killing her father several years earlier. Her husband tries to defend her against the arrest but is stunned by the force of the officer, who subsequently rushes at the woman. In the struggle, unfortunately, the latter loses his life with the child she was carrying.


Time stops, goes back and we go back to the previous twelve minutes when all of life seemed to be going well. It will be up to our protagonist to shed light on what happened and try to keep the drama from burning out again. 12 Minutes is certainly one of the most interesting independent productions of the last few years and we really can’t wait to try it out firsthand.

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Fall Guys is one of the most played titles in the world: Mediatonic presents season 2

In an event dedicated to video games of this magnitude, it would have been impossible not to return to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the title that is literally depopulating among gamers around the world. After recording numbers that speak of a smash hit on PS4 and PC (the only two platforms it’s released on, at least for now), Mediatonic has presented the world with the next big update for its hen. that lays eggs. ‘gold.

Fall Guys: Season 2 will arrive over the next few weeks and will bring with it a whole slew of new content that will thrill the large community of fans of this crazy game show. The theme will be that of medieval games, so the new season will include several skins that reflect the typical characters of the time: knights, dragons, witches, wizards and so on will enter the world of Fall Guys. Most exciting, however, is that Mediatonic has confirmed the addition of six new mini-games that will further vary the already hilarious games of its hilarious title.

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If you’re passionate about this weird Battle Royale based on colorful, goofy men, Season 2 looks like it’s set to give you dozens and dozens of hours of more fun.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is gorgeous and… will it be a PS5 launch title !?

Finally, as the proverbial icing on the cake came the extended version of the trailer for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. The latter, already shown at the PS5 presentation event, had positively impressed us with its colorful styling, frenetic action and, most importantly, the complete lack of downloads between one section and another.

On Live 2020 opening night, the developers of Insomniac wanted to reiterate this concept by showing off a rather excited gameplay section in which we could see the lombax Ratchet and his metallic friend Clank struggling with a full-scale dimensional invasion. . Between one firefight and another, however, the protagonist used his laser lasso to project himself into charged alternate worlds instantly and without any sort of uncertainty.

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The real bomb, however, was dropped at the end. The good Geoff, a seasoned professional of the sector, urged the two members of Insomniac who attended the presentation and asked them for explanations on the history and the launch date of the game. Although on the first the developers have decided to keep the maximum of discretion, on the second they are somewhat unbalanced.

Insomniac has stated that Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will be one of the PS5 “launch window” titles. That means the game could coincide with the launch of Sony’s next generation or after a few weeks, much like it happened with inFamous: Second Son on PS4.

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At a time when fans are clamoring for concrete information about the new machines and associated launch lines, this could be great news for those interested in the Sony platform.


It remains to be clarified how it is possible that within four months of the end of the year there will be no news on the price or the release date of these new consoles (confirmed several times for the period of holidays 2020) but it is already a step forward in the right direction.

Source : Eurogamer.it