Bethesda insists the Evil Within won’t give us a second respite.

The launch of The Evil Within It is just around the corner. Bethesda Softworks He published a video a few days ago in which he explained the mechanics of the game as a basic survival tutorial. Everything was based on using common sense, not wasting bullets, using traps to our advantage or burning the bodies of enemies. Today the developer has made some statements in which she explains the dangers that will threaten us throughout the game. We will have to be willing to have a bad time because it will not give us a single second of respite.

“The most rewarding rewards are those that put up some resistance, and the best example can be found in the way you face the combats in The Evil Within. As Sebastián Castellanos, a detective with the Krimson police, explore a world of A nightmare full of hideous creatures is not as simple as wreaking havoc among the abominations that roam bloody corridors and battlefields. Every encounter is an opportunity to outwit your enemies, so you’ll have to know what you’re up against ” .

“The varied enemies you will encounter in The Evil Within are unpredictable, and the only certain thing is that you will have to urgently search for ammunition and other resources. To defeat some of the toughest creatures in the game, whether they are bosses or ordinary threats ( and no less dangerous), you will need from bullets to the essential syringes to restore health, through pieces for traps that serve to create different kinds of bolts for the Agony crossbow “.

Bethesda insists the Evil Within won’t give us a second respite

“As with the various encounters you will experience with the bestiary in The Evil Within, encounters with the most formidable enemies in the game will often test your strength and mind. Knowing which weapon or explosive to use against different forms of An enemy is extremely important, as well as learning how to get more ammo when you only have one bullet left (note: in The Evil Within, it is normal to depend on your last bullet). It is also good to pay attention to the places where they can fall Items. In particularly grueling combat against one of the most cunning and challenging monstrosities, only extra ammo boxes will appear when you exterminate the creeping vermin the boss spawns at certain times. But staying alert while avoiding damage makes this tactic more easy in theory than in practice “

“Between the bosses and the equally difficult skirmishes with the most common enemies of The Evil Within, you will only have to use what you think is necessary to survive. Depending on the difficulty you choose (there are four in total, but only two available when you start playing) , the challenge level will increase considerably. The first option, “Inexperienced”, is not a bed of roses, but the difference with the level “Survival” is such that the elements of the gameplay such as the puzzles and the default settings will change. How you play the game depends on how much you enjoy testing your worth, but the hard road is not without its rewards. “

Bethesda insists the Evil Within won’t give us a second respite