Beyond a Steel Sky 2 from Revolution Software has hit the Apple Arcade catalog. As one of the most anticipated games.

The original Beneath a Steel Sky is a beloved classic, a point-and-click cyberpunk sci-fi adventure game where you play as Robert Foster, who is trying to survive in a dystopian future society. In the new sequel, Foster returns to Union City after learning that a child has been kidnapped.

The new game is in the style of a comic, right down to the subtitles and Foster’s narration. The characters are drawn like those found in the Telltale games, of which Cecil and Gibbons are fans. Players are immediately thrown into the highly explorable world with half a dozen ways to talk to each character they encounter, ultimately impacting the environment with their decisions.

Beyond a Steel Sky 2 Story

The story is complex, it is not a casual game, it perfectly has a history of a console installment, our character is Foster and he is in search of a little boy who has been kidnapped and taken to Union City.

From the beginning you realize that it is a game that, in addition to the story and narrative, the level of difficulty for some puzzles, to advance is considerable.

We also see how it connects with the first installment and being an open world there are missions and items to take and complete everything 100%, which will give us hours and hours in the game.

graphics and sounds

It is perhaps its strongest point, the graphics are of extreme quality, an animation that often seems like a cartoon, even in the form of the dialogues, but from the first moment we see the desert we can realize that we are facing a real work. of art. Just like arriving in Union City, we can see what a futuristic and industrial animation looks like in the style of comics.

As for the sound, the environment is very realistic from the same sounds that a bird makes and the sound effects, definitely ending up giving us an enveloping atmosphere.


Being a game with a more complex story than normal and with incredible animation, it is normal that in order to have the best game experience we should use an external controller, since it is much more comfortable in all senses and commands. With the hand it becomes difficult to get used to running and doing some functions

As for the game, it is full of puzzles, in order to advance, some more difficult than others, one advantage is that if we get stuck at a level, we can resort to asking for a suggestion and that’s it.

Beyond Steel sky 2 conclusions

One of the biggest bets for the Apple Arcade catalog and remove the image that the games in its catalog are only causal games, and this installment arrives that could undoubtedly be on any console and be enjoyed the same, in fact it is nothing to launch for pc, a fact that makes us understand the importance of the game.

It is undoubtedly a game for those of us who like old-fashioned games, with complicated puzzles, action and a good story.

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