There are more and more proposals for totally wireless headphones outside of Apple that deserve a look for their characteristics. The Philips SHB2515WT / 10 model is super discounted on Amazon, currently costing 119.99 euros 39.99 euros, a more than interesting price considering that offer up to 110 hours of autonomy.

Philips SHB2515WT / 10 fully wireless headphones are in-ear and have pads to provide a greater and better grip, in addition to some noise cancellation to enjoy more of the content we are listening to. They use Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect to devices, a version that ensures more stability up to 10 meters away.

Big discount on these fully wireless Philips headphones with 110 hours of autonomy at Amazon: 39.99 euros

According to the manufacturer’s website, the charging case (which is somewhat larger than other alternatives) has a 3,350 mAh battery capable of providing up to 110 hours of continuous playback. It also has the Power Bank function, being able to connect our smartphone via USB cable and recharge it. The headphones fully recharge in 1.5 hours and have a range of up to 5 hours per charge.

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