The BIG Festival 2021, held between May 3 and 9, impacted a total of more than 20 million people, according to what was released by the organizers of the event.

The event moved the games market, both for consumers and for businesses, promoting more than 5,600 meetings in one week. The festival was the scene of major announcements in addition to the already traditional Awards Ceremony, which featured four independent Brazilian games awarded in this year’s edition.

BIG Festival 2021 impacted over 20 million people

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The BIG Festival, the largest independent games festival in Latin America, took place last week, between May 3rd and 9th, and impacted, in total, more than 20 million people in Brazil. The talks have been viewed more than 500,000 times on Nimo TV, TikTok Live and Facebook, with 47,000 people watching one or more talks. Lectures such as Capcom’s, which brought some of the voice actors from the recently released Resident Evil Village, and the Festival’s Awards Ceremony, were among the highlights of the event.

Capcom chat with voice actors from Resident Evil Village

“If in 2020 we were taken by surprise by the pandemic, this year we were prepared to deliver a very high quality online experience. Precisely because of the online format, we were able to increase the number of panels and bring more international speakers, a more complicated task in a face-to-face event. In addition, we managed to reach people from all regions of the country and the world”, says Gustavo Steinberg, director of the BIG Festival.

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The event’s website, which featured several activities in addition to the panels and lectures, had more than 2 million hits during the week. Focused on the final consumer, the event established partnerships with big names in the market to ensure that the public could play games and demos without leaving home, a fact that happened for the first time in a gaming event in the world. And the audience took advantage: it is estimated that the highlights of the BIG Festival games in the Xbox, Google Play and App Store stores have been viewed more than 20 million times.

BIG is also considered the most important hub of the independent games market in Latin America and, in this edition, it promoted 5,642 business meetings, reinforcing its vocation to foster the development of the sector. In 2021, the event also launched a job portal dedicated to the electronic games market, where companies can seek qualified labor and talent can find available positions. The portal now has more than 1,000 registered professionals.

“The BIG Festival has always been a special time to discover and talk about the local independent gaming scene, but in 2021 this moment was even more important for business as our meeting platform registered more than 545 companies from 64 countries in looking for business”, says Eliana Russi, executive manager of the Brazil Games Project.

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BIG Festival 2021 took place between the 3rd and 9th of May and all the content of the festival’s lectures is available on demand, virtually and free of charge, on the BIG Festival YouTube channel in its original language. Lectures with simultaneous translation into Portuguese and English will be released throughout the year on the YouTube channel, where it is also possible to check out several original productions of the festival, which include conversations, interviews and developers commenting on the finalist games of the event. In addition, several games selected for the festival can still be played for free, even after the event ends.

BIG Festival 2021 impacted over 20 million people