Largest games, creation, business and networking festival in Latin America, BIG Festival estimates that around US$ 60 million will be transacted during the Business Roundtables of the 10th edition of the event. In all, more than 230 companies are already registered to participate in the professional meetings promoted by the festival.

Over the ten years of the event, the BIG Festival has already moved around US$ 250 million and received more than 2,300 companies in the Business Roundtables. For Gustavo Steinberg, director of the event, the expressive numbers are an indication of the strength of the Brazilian game development market. “Since the beginning, our mission has been to encourage the games industry in Brazil and help national developers to show their games to the public and the market. Year after year, the amounts transacted in our business meetings only increase, which shows how much the Brazilian industry has shown its value”.

BIG Festival 2022 will take place from July 7th to 10th, at São Paulo Expo. The edition will continue with its virtual version, following the successful formula of its last two editions, carried out exclusively online.

Tickets for the BIG Play area – with games and lectures to try out – are being sold in batches with prices starting at R$20 (half-price) and R$40 (full price). In the business meeting area (B2B area), ticket prices can be consulted on the BIG Festival 2022 Business Platform. The ticket purchase page is at this link.

More details about the Business Roundtables can be found below, via press release.

National Success Cases

During BIG Festival 2022, small and medium-sized Brazilian developers can receive investment funds from companies that come to the festival in search of business opportunities. “It’s the best time to do business and show potential investors what the Brazilian market has to offer. Before, foreigners came to Brazil to get to know the market, today they already know that the opportunity is here and come to the event looking for business”, continues Gustavo.

Rogue Snail, developer of the Relic Hunters franchise, is an example of businesses that experienced great growth after participating in the BIG Festival. In 2015, the studio took the game Relic Hunters Zero to the event, and the game’s exposure and funds raised at the festival paved the way for the company to grow and be able, years later, to make the sequel to the franchise, Relic Hunters: Rebels, launched in partnership with Netflix.

Currently, the studio also has in its portfolio games like Chroma Squad (from Behold Studios) and Star Vikings Forever, and is working on another game from its main franchise: Relic Hunters Legend, in partnership with Gearbox Software, developer of Borderlands. “Even with all the challenges our industry has gone through in the pandemic years, BIG is still a very cool and accessible space where many more great stories can be told,” says Mark Venturelli, CEO and Creative Director of Rogue Snail.

Another living example of this partnership between BIG and indies is the game Spacelines from the Far Out, by Coffeenauts. The game started as a college project in 2017 and already in the 2018 and 2019 editions, the studio was present at the event and participating in business meetings.

“We participated in the rounds and met a lot of people, in addition to receiving a lot of feedback. The biggest impact was in 2019, when the game (which, at the time, was still called Spaceline Crew), was nominated for five categories at the Festival, winning the popular vote award”, says Fábio Rosa, co-founder of Coffeenauts.

Market data

The opening ceremony of the BIG Festival will be marked by the presentation of the first National Survey of the Games Industry, which brings unprecedented data from the national market and maps the entire scenario of local developers, showing Brazil as a development hub and talent store.

The result of a partnership between Abragames, the Brazilian Association of Game Developers, and ApexBrasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, the research will be presented by Carolina Caravana Laubisch and Rodrigo Terra, Vice President and President of Abragames, respectively, Eros Ramos Tomaz da Silva, from ApexBrasil, and Eliana Russi, from the Brazil Games Export Project. The presentation can be followed in person and online, on July 7, at 10:05 am, in auditorium 1.

Content by Devs for Devs

The BIG Festival, in addition to promoting the meeting of developers with investors, also has a program of lectures aimed at professionals in the area in search of knowledge and experiences of large companies and names in the market. For the 2022 edition of the event, more than 140 hours of content are already scheduled and other lectures are yet to be announced. See some highlights below:

Epic, Fortis and Room8: International capital eyeing Brazil
In this session, three global players talk about their decision to invest in Brazilian studios Aquiris, Oktagon and Puga.
When: July 7 (Thursday), from 11:20 am to 12:05 pm

Games + B2B: Play!
In this lecture, Rodrigo ‘Mágiko’ Carneiro, CEO of PUGA Studios, will show the ways to create a successful game services company. Topics will be addressed from the creation of the base of the business itself to the development of sales for the biggest players in the world.
When: July 8 (Friday), from 2:20 pm to 2:45 pm

How to get Investment for your Game Studio
If you need to raise capital for your game studio, where do you start? Bobby Thandi of XR Games reveals the ins and outs of raising capital. Including what you need to prepare before investing, what to expect during the process, red flags and positive signs regarding potential investors, the questions you need VCs to answer and the questions VCs will ask you.
When: July 7 (Thursday), from 11:20 am to 11:45 am

How to build a brand from scratch
In this talk, George Perkins shares how Super Rare Games got started, how they overcame obstacles and built a successful team. Branding has always been an obsession with George, and building a clear brand is a key path to success in a saturated video game industry.
When: July 9 (Saturday), from 10:40 am to 11:05 am

Hybrid Monetization as a solution for Free-to-Play games
With users around the world demanding free games, developers need to find creative ways to monetize their users. In this chat between Google and mobile game studios, we’ll discuss monetization strategies and how to be successful with your Free-to-Play game.
When: July 7 (Thursday), from 3:40 pm to 4:05 pm

How to secure resources for your indie game
Independent developers face a major challenge in the early stages of their development – ​​funding. Each stage of development, from creation to marketing, costs money and requires adequate funding. Without the right amount of funding, a project can fail. This presentation will share expert insights into the many paths independent developers can take to secure funding from the right partner.
When: July 7 (Thursday), from 10:40 am to 11:05 am