BiteFight, guide for beginners.

This is a small guide for those who begin to play BiteFight, a web-based game from the creators of OGame. We have our created character, vampire or lycanthrope, and we must start earning gold, experience and loot (flesh or blood), for that we have several ways to do it.

Earn gold, loot and experience: – Hunt players: Here we can fight against other players and we have two ways to do it, one is directly, that is, by putting the name of the player we are going to attack and another is through automatic search I use more. Here we win gold but to gain experience we must win a player who attacks us and is of a higher level. This type of hunt costs 1 gold coin.

– Hunting humans: We can dedicate ourselves to hunting humans, we have 2 hours in total to carry out this hunt, I recommend always doing it in fractions of 10 minutes, in this way we will gain much more experience, gold and loot. Be careful with the streetlights, it is something that comes out random and makes us lose time and money. This type of hunt costs 10 gold coins.

BiteFight, guide for beginners

– Work in the cemetery: These jobs are a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 8, I put it when I go to sleep and work, so the character gains money and experience while I am not connected, very little is earned, but how many the more levels we have, the more gold we will earn, although more is gained with the hunts.

Examples of works:

BiteFight, guide for beginners

Level1-2 Grave Digger: 5 coins / hour Level3-5 Graveyard Gardener: 10 coins / hour Level 6-9 Corpse Preparer: 20 coins / hour Level10-14 Graveyard Guard: 40 coins / hour Level 15-? Person in charge: 80 coins / hour

Now we know how to earn money and experience, we need to spend it and improve our character or lair. Our character has several characteristics that can be improved, which cost gold, and that little by little we will have to buy points to be better and win in the fights we have.

BiteFight, guide for beginners

Character characteristics:

FORCE: To attack a player. DEFENSE: To defend yourself from a player, they say it gives more chances to dodge, but it is not confirmed. SKILL: It is our speed and allows us to hit, dodge and of course find fewer streetlights, this is not confirmed either. ENDURANCE: Damage points will increase when this characteristic increases. CHARISMA: More chance of finding victims when hunting, finding bigger cities.

BiteFight, guide for beginners

It is important to raise them all, not just strength and defense, little by little we can have them all at the same level.

Lair: It is our home and our protection against other players, it is important to always have it at the highest levels.

We have the character and the lair, but there is a store in the city, where they sell weapons and potions, the weapons give us a strength bonus and the potions recover life, we can sell our weapons as we acquire better ones, like this we get back some of the investment. Remember that you have to activate the weapon for it to work, you don’t just have to buy it.

BiteFight, guide for beginners

Weapons example:

Sword of Pain, Strength +1, Price: 100 Dagger of Demons, Strength +2, Price: 200 Sword of Dawn, Strength +3, Price: 400 Ax of Disruption, Strength +4, Price: 500 Saber of Destruction, Strength +5, Price: 750 Warhammer, Strength +7, Price: 1,000 Hammer of Fear, Strength +9, Price: 1,500 Avenging Angel, Strength +9, Defense +2, Price: 2,500 Curse Breaker, Strength +10 , Defense +3, Price: 4,000

Potions example:

BiteFight, guide for beginners

Small Healing Potion, Health +50, Price: 100 Medium Healing Potion, Health +125, Price: 200 Great Healing Potion, Health +500, Price: 500

This is what we need to know to start playing, as advice for the first levels, do not hunt other players, this can create enemies, improving the lair is very important, we can improve the character later.

The human hunts always in fractions of 10 minutes, we can earn more gold, loot and experience, at least for now and if they do not change it.

There is a bug in the fights, you may win a very good player and lose against one of several levels lower than you, do not worry, it is a game error.

BiteFight, guide for beginners

Now to play.