The second pre-season of the War of Conquest has begun in Black Desert Online, a large-scale PVP mode in which guilds compete for territory that will later be used to collect taxes.

Available until October 2nd, guild members who conquer a territory or score higher in War of Conquest will receive 2 billion silver in gold bars.

In addition, the game also received support for AMD FidelityFX, allowing a gain of up to 2.4 times in performance without the need to change the video card.

The full details can be seen below, via Pearl Abyss:

Pearl Abyss announces the arrival of the second pre-season of War of Conquest in Black Desert Online. Guild members can now enjoy a revamped version of one of the fiercest battles in the game.

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War of Conquest is a large-scale PvP feature where guilds compete for territory. The guild that takes over a territory is given dominion and the right to levy an accumulated tax on the area. It is a huge battlefield where hundreds of adventurers can participate simultaneously using various siege weapons.

The War of Conquest pre-season returns with updates after receiving feedback from previous season participants. On air until October 2nd, the second edition no longer has the concept of Liberation, but ranks guilds according to the score at the end of the battle. Guild members who conquer a territory or score higher in War of Conquest will receive 2 billion Silver in Gold Bars, as well as other special rewards.

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AMD FidelityFX
Another recent implementation in Black Desert Online is AMD FidelityFX super resolution technology (AMD FSR), the latest upscaling technology revealed at Computex 2021. When using AMD FSR, the game’s frame rate is increased by up to 2.4 times the baseline performance without the need for any graphics card upgrades.

Users using hardware products other than AMD’s graphics hardware can also benefit from the technology in Black Desert for PC and console, which now offers a more efficient and high-resolution gaming environment. Pearl Abyss plans to introduce a variety of technological innovations in addition to AMD FSR to continue to provide the highest quality in its games.

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Meanwhile, a series of in-game events are coming to Black Desert. The Hot Time event will offer bonus Skill and Combat experience bonuses. In addition, adventurers who hunt until September 29th will be able to obtain the Source of Lightning, a special buff that will give an additional 20 attack points against monsters.