Black Widow and Spider-Man Rumors – Super Power Unlimited.

It’s Monday afternoon again and that means that Super Power Unlimited is ready with all the news and rumors from the superhero entertainment world. Today Joaquin Phoenix is ​​going full Joker, Marvel’s The Eternals has a director and Nine Inch Nails is composing the soundtrack for Watchmen.

Welcome to this second Super Power Unlimited, the section in which we list all the superhero news from the past few days for you. Marvel and DC are both well represented with news from Joker, Watchmen, Spider-Man and Black Widow.

Black Widow and Spider-Man Rumors – Super Power Unlimited

Joaquin Phoenix goes full Joker on set images

After the first photo of Joaquin Phoenix ‘Arthur Fleck, the title character in Joker, there are now also moving images of Phoenix in full Joker fashion. At first glance, director Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix go for a mix between Heath Ledgers Dark Knight-Joker, Cesar Romero’s classic Joker and the face paint used by serial killer John Wayne Gacy. The notorious American murderer Gacy sometimes performed as Pogo the Clown at children’s parties or for sick children. He painted his face white, red and blue for this.

In the video above, Phoenix ‘Joker appears to be terrorizing a Gotham subway station, wearing a Dark Knight-esque clown mask and bystanders who are not innocent appear to be wearing the same mask as the Joker. Further context to the scene is missing, so how the failed stand-up comedian Fleck with clown makeup ends up in this chaotic scene remains a mystery. In the Instagram photos below, Phoenix seems to be enjoying the chaos and anarchy and we see a slightly more menacing Joker.

Black Widow and Spider-Man Rumors – Super Power Unlimited

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New Joker footage and photos have been revealed and the internet is buzzing. Are we going to get a Cesar Romero-esque Joker? Is this just a costume he wears before transitioning to his final Joker look? So much speculation! Let us know your thoughts on this new Joker and how you think it will all play out. . . . . . . . #joker #batman #thejoker #joaquinphoenix #dc #dccomics #superheromovie #clown #movie #justiceleague #aquaman #superman #wonderwoman #cyborg #beastboy #raven #starfire #robin #thepenguin #theriddler #mrfreeze #poinnadquyidesjuhararedo

Black Widow and Spider-Man Rumors – Super Power Unlimited

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Black Widow and Spider-Man Rumors – Super Power Unlimited

Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker makeup What are your thoughts? Comment below #joaquinphoenix #thejoker #joker #thejokermovie #jokermovie #dcuniverse #dc #toddphillips #producer #director #movieproducer #moviedirector #movie #film #production #hollywood #makeup #makeupartist #moviemakeup #empoweringundentert

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Zazie Beetz, who played Domino in Deadpool 2, also has a role in Joker (and here on the editorial staff, we’re pretty confident she’s going to play Harley Quinn AKA Harleen Quinzel, the psychiatrist goes bad girl). You can see her character below:

Black Widow and Spider-Man Rumors – Super Power Unlimited

Nine Inch Nails composes HBO’s Watchmen

Composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, better known as Nine Inch Nails, will compose the soundtrack for Watchmen’s HBO series. The story of the Watchmen series takes place years after the events in the comic and features many new characters, although HBO and the producers have not ruled out that familiar faces from the original graphic novel will not emerge.

Watchmen is set in an alternate version of America, in which superheroes have been outlawed. The HBO series will respect the original story of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, as well as try to do something completely different with the source material. We won’t get to see the result until next year when HBO’s Watchmen comes out!

Marvel’s The Eternals has a director

The Hollywood Reporter came this weekend with the news that Chloe Zhao will be directing The Eternals, the upcoming movie from Marvel Studios. The Chinese filmmaker, who won awards at the Cannes and Deauville film festivals with her indie film The Rider, will direct a script by Matthew and Ryan Firpo.

Black Widow and Spider-Man Rumors – Super Power Unlimited

The Eternals are virtually immortal cosmic beings who first appeared in Jack Kirby’s comics of the same name in 1976. They regularly clashed in the comics with the Deviants, a monstrous and heavily mutated people, some of which also have super powers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, part of The Eternals will revolve around the love between Ikaris and Sersi, both members of the group of supernatural heroes. Either way, it’s about characters that are considered intergalactic gods, so this takes the MCU a little deeper into space than they went in Guardians of the Galaxy and Infinity War.

Zhao was already a Marvel acquaintance before she was approached for The Eternals; most recently she was in the running to direct the Black Widow movie. That job eventually went to Cate Shortland. Now she can still try to break through with this opportunity at Marvel.

Rumor: Set photo Spider-Man: Long Way From Home shows new costume

A photo has surfaced on Twitter that appears to be from the set of the new Spider-Man movie. The image was shared by @thedailyspidey and shows Tom Hollands Peter Parker hanging from a Ferris wheel in a black suit. In the comics, Peter makes his own stealth suit, with which he can become completely invisible and inaudible. He needs this Spidey suit in a fight with the Hobgoblin.

very stealthy … # / OLbEy0rntF

Black Widow and Spider-Man Rumors – Super Power Unlimited

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At the time of writing, it is not yet known whether this photo is legit, in what context Peter Parker will need this black costume and whether he will fight against the Hobgoblin that has never appeared in a film. It is known that he will wear the Stark Suit that became famous from Civil War and Homecoming (striking that he wears the same outfit so often; other MCU heroes actually never do), and a completely new costume. This Stealth Suit would then be the third outfit.

Rumor: Millennium bug starred in Black Widow movie

Finally, a fresh rumor about the film about Black Widow. MCUCosmic reports that the upcoming film about spy Natasha Romanoff may be set in the 1990s and that the millennium bug plays a role in the story. After we saw King T’Chaka as Black Panther in the year 1992 and we explore the nineties of the MCU further with Captain Marvel next year, it could be that Black Widow also goes back in time a bit. Because of course we want to know more about the ‘Red in her Ledger’!

Black Widow and Spider-Man Rumors – Super Power Unlimited

In The Winter Soldier it was confirmed that Romanoff was born in 1984, which would make her about 16 years old at the time of the millennium bug. Based on the flashbacks in Age of Ultron, she was still working for the Red Room at the time and not for SHIELD. The millennium bug, also known as the Y2K bug, was a problem that arose at the end of 1999. Programmers were concerned that computers would interpret the two zeros in 2000 (the 00s) as 1900. So there was a fear that technological developments would be undone.

This was it again, this week’s Super Power Unlimited. For more Marvel news, check out the visual Avengers 4 hint from the Russo brothers, the very first Captain Marvel trailer and the Daredevil season 3 trailer.

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