Blackview Unveils Brand-New Flagship Rugged Phone BV9200 with a 6.6-inch Display & Arcsoft Cameras & Harman AudioEFX Sound, a 5000Amh Battery with 66W wired & 30W wireless Charging, MediaTek Helio G96 & Doke 3.1

Blackview is a thriving technology brand that specializes in rugged outdoor phones to support rugged lifestyles and survive tough and challenging environments. With a strong focus on quality and experience, all Blackview products undergo rigorous standards and quality testing processes to ensure a superb user experience. Through long experience and critical learning, Blackview has relentlessly pursued the perfect synergy of functional satisfaction and innovative technology in rugged phones, as evidenced by the latest released Blackview BV9200.

Blackview Unveils Brand-New Flagship Rugged Phone BV9200

Here comes some basic selling points of Blackview BV9200.

Blackview BV9200 is designed to reinvent the rugged phone with 5 big upgrades including entertainment, battery life, efficiency, personality, and practicality.

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5 Big Upgrades in Blackview BV9200

NO.1 Entertainment Upgrades: 6.6-inch Display & Harman AudioEFX Sound & ArcSoft Camera

Blackview Unveils Brand-New Flagship Rugged Phone BV9200

6.6-inch Display: 120 Hz high refresh rate & 2.4 K high-resolution

Blackview BV9200 flaunts an eye-catching display with a 6.6-inch large screen that supports 120Hz high refresh rate and 2.4K high resolution, providing a vivid viewing experience without boundaries. It also brings skillfully crafted design to users with a 310g lightweight and 13.66 mm slim body in three color options black, orange, and green. For users to fully enjoy the eye-friendly experience, BV9200’s display is certificated by TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light, which helps reduce harmful blue light without compromising visual image quality. Besides, Its Tough CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS 5 display acts as a sturdy screen protector against scratches and 1.2-meter drops.

Harman AudioEFX Sound: Harman AudioEFX & Dual smart-PA BOX Speakers

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Blackview Unveils Brand-New Flagship Rugged Phone BV9200

Blackview BV9200 is supported by Harman AudioEFX for the first time, which is a significant step in driving forward the sound system in rugged phones. Through this cooperation, Blackview BV9200 expresses the same positive attitude to accompany users in any joyful moments. When you are listening to music, watching movies, playing games, or having calls, it catered to your needs by smart, music, movie, games, and voice modes. Blackview BV9200 brings the BWM and Mercedes-Benz-like premium audio enjoyment to the smartphone successfully. When it is the smart mode, all the sound quality is universally optimized; music mode intensifies music rhythm; movie mode provides live stereo sound; game mode helps the game sound effect real, and voice mode perfectly eliminates call noise. In addition, another complement to its sound is dual smart-PA BOX speakers, providing incredibly high-quality voice with maximum volume.

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ArcSoft Camera: 16MP front camera & 50 MP with 8MP Rear Cameras

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When it comes to the camera, Blackview BV9200 demonstrates the breakthroughs made in its camera performance by achieving a 30% improvement in color reproduction. BV9200 is equipped with 50MP Samsung® JN1 rear camera as the primary camera, which is making great upgrades in the image color fidelity while taking pictures of people, subjects, and scenery. The ancillary camera is an 8MP Rear Camera that supports 120° ultra-wide and up to 1 cm ultra-macro. As a result, you’ll get a stunning architectural image with a 120° ultra-wide shooter, as well as amazing close-up images of the tiny universe with a 1 cm ultra-macro shooter. Furthermore, there is a 16MP front-facing snapper, which enables true-tone photography regardless of age, gender, and race, providing high accuracy of skin.

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Blackview BV9200 is powered by Arcsoft technology, which boosts photography performance by 15%, escorting you to capture exciting moments at any time. Thanks to Arcsoft technology, BV9200 upgrades the photo modes to the third generation with HDR Mode 3.0, Beauty Mode 3.0, Portrait Mode 3.0, and Panorama Mode 3.0. HDR Mode 3.0 makes lifelike images in high-contrast situations; Beauty Mode 3.0 automatically adjusts your portrait to create a visually pleasing photo; Portrait Mode 3.0 lets you take sharp-focused photos against the blurred background; Panorama Mode 3.0 helps you take images with elongated fields of view. Apart from that, Blackview BV9200 comes with other splendid camera modes, including super night mode, 2K 30fps video recording with beauty, and underwater mode.

Blackview Unveils Brand-New Flagship Rugged Phone BV9200

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NO.2 Battery Life Upgrades: 5000mAh Large Battery & 66W Fast Charge &30W Wireless Charge & 5W Reverse Charge

The larger frame of the BV9200 enables a larger battery capacity of 5000mAh, which supports up to 500 hrs standby, 37.5 hrs calling, 19.5 hrs music, 12.5 hrs web browsing, and 8.5 hrs game playing. It also lends itself to a faster wired charging speed of 66 watts, allowing its massive battery to be replenished to 20% in just five minutes. What’s more, Blackview BV9200 is bringing its revamped wireless charge to rugged phones this time with 30W wireless charging, freeing up your hands while charging. To further facilitate users, Blackview BV9200 delivers an enhanced level of charging experience with 5W Reverse Charge which is an ideal solution for quickly powering up your everyday accessories especially outdoors. With Coulometer, users can benefit from advanced battery accuracy and control charging status at all times. For security, Blackview BV9200 carried out charging protection with intelligent and customized modes for over-charging protection. If it is intelligent charging protection, the phone will stop charging until the battery is up to 80%, whereas customized charging protection is free to set the charging zone from 70% to 90%.

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NO. 3 Efficiency Upgrades: MediaTek Helio G96 & 8GB RAM +6GB Expansion & 256GB ROM +1TB TF Expansion

Blackview BV9200 is powered by Octa-core MediaTek Helio G96, which boosts energy efficiency and latency of processing, delivering a leap in the smooth, fast, and multitask connectivity experiences for users. It has 8GB of RAM onboard, which can be expanded virtually up to 14 GB with the 6GB RAM Plus feature, backing you up to run different kinds of tasks simultaneously without any lags. Storage capacity is offered up to 256GB with a 1TB expandable option via TF card, providing plenty of storage space and saving the hassle of another cloud storage. Another selling point is the integrated cooling system, which increases the cooling capacity by 15% and reduces the CPU temperature by 10°C, keeping your phone cooled off.

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No.4 Personality Upgrades: Doke OS 3.1 Based on Android 12

Blackview BV9200 becomes the first device to receive the new Doke 3.1 update, which marks a new stage in software development. Thanks to the tremendous effort of the team, users can enjoy a fully optimized operating experience with convenience and simplicity. It focuses on unleashing unprecedented performance by Low Memory killers, delivering autonomic management of memory to make process-killing decisions. That’s no doubt that it brings some new apps such as New Focus Mode App and New Health App. The new focus mode app contains five modes including No-play Mode, Meditation Mode, Work & Sport & Read Mode, helping you maintain your focus by limiting the usage of selected apps. It’s fresh to pack with Health App which is served as the digital well-being feature with sports and health metric recording. Speaking of games, Blackview BV9200 takes full advantage of game modes to unlock next-level gaming experience with power saving mode, normal mode, and performance mode. Additionally, Pre-Loading improves the average app-launching speed by 10% and saves your time waiting for the App-loading.

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NO.5 Practicality Upgrade: MIL-STD-810H &IP68 & IP69K&1.2m Death Broke Cameras

Blackview BV9200 boasts a MIL-STD-810H-certified body that’s drop-proof up to 1.2m high combined with Leading IP68 & IP69K Rated Waterproofness that’s waterproof up to 1.5m deep for 30 mins, which can survive extreme weather and environments. Along with those regular ratings for resistance, it features a sturdy frame with Aluminium alloy sides and thickened rubber around the corners for a stronger grip and better shock absorption. Even for the camera, It’s making a significant advancement in camera ruggedness with its drop-proof performance withstanding a 1.2m death broke.

Other highlights:

Blackview BV9200, as an eligible rugged phone, is no less astounding in terms of practical performance. The 4-in-1 navigation system ensures your safety by providing accurate location, and the glove mode satisfies your need to work with gloves with enhanced touch sensitivity. With Multi-function NFC, It’s convenient for the contactless transfer of payments and data. It also includes some basic but important features such as Customized Shortcut Button, Multi-touch with 10 points, and a Fingerprint sensor & power button 2-in-1 key. Especially for digital tools, there are a bunch of professional apps to help you get the job done, including Compass, HeightMeasure, Torch, SoundMeter, and so on.

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Price & Availability

The world premiere of Blackview BV9200 starts from January 9th to 13th, 2023 PST at only $199.99 (down from $399.99) with 50% off! Want to buy it? Click here for more information.