After some successful solo titles, such as DMC – Devil May Cry, Heavenly Sword or Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the developers of Ninja Theory devote themselves to a completely different genre. Bleeding Edge hero brawler builds on team play and allows you to compete in two groups of four players. I have already been able to try out an almost final version in detail at the company headquarters in Cambridge and strike vigorously with colleagues for several hours.

Wacky heroes, like Buttercup, a matron equipped with circular saws, the Ninja Daemon, El Bastardo or Nidhöggr, a pale corpse with an electric guitar and firepower, are divided into three classes: damage, support, and tank. In addition to a standard attack, each character also has individual special abilities that are charged during the strike process and are particularly effective in transporting opponents to the afterlife.

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Since March 24, twelve fighters of the Damage, Support and Tank classes are available.

There are a total of twelve characters to choose from at the start of March 24, including Mekko, a new character not previously featured. It is a dolphin in the aquarium, which uses its mental powers to control a “Mech” construct, protects itself from damage with an energy shield, and traps enemies in an air bubble or hits them vigorously with an attack. sound. Other heroes would be added regularly and would be made available at no additional cost.

To make it easier for you to choose and get a feel for the game, some characters from each class are displayed as a recommendation to start. If you like to get in the middle of the fray, you are well advised with the Dealer Dealer demon. If you prefer to aid your fellow soldiers from a distance by replenishing your life energy and protective shields, the best thing to do is play Zero Cool, which relaxes on a floating chair.

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Not for lone fighters: Turbulent battles for checkpoints can only be won with tactical effort.

So let’s start the fight: Objective Control and Collect & Deliver are two different game modes available. In Objective Control, three field control points are activated alternately. As soon as one of them lights up, the teams start running and try to occupy the point as long as possible. For every second Your Highness, there is one point, ten points if you kill an opponent. After one minute, the checkpoint becomes inactive and another becomes the target. After 600 points, it’s over and the winning team is determined.

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In the Collect & Deliver variant, your team must first find energy cartridges in the field and then deliver them to a checkpoint. Usually, the delivery process takes some time, during which the character is inactive. Now is a good time for a concentrated attack to grab the containers from opponents. You can quickly jump from point to point with a hoverboard that you can summon at the push of a button.

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Already my darling: the new Mekko tank, a dolphin that controls his Mech vehicle with mental power and can lock his opponents in bubbles. Additional characters should be added regularly for free.

Scattered across the terrain, you’ll find power-up fields for new life energy or attack boosts in both modes and sometimes a train making its way through. If you get in the way, it’s called an instant kill, and you can start over at the distant spawn point. Thrills arise when you stand at a checkpoint and see the train running towards you, but want to take points with you until the last moment.

After a few rounds you get the hang of it and with the optimal combination of support, tanks, and two damage dealers, the initial chaos of hitting, shooting and special skills unleashed with commotion actually turns into a truly tactical team game. . The tank blocks opposing melee, the support character heals comrades from a safe distance, and his own damage dealers kill opponents. There is also a ping system where you can give commands to your fellow campaigners or draw attention to power-ups by pressing the directional buttons, but the best way to communicate is with a headset.

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Not only does the opposing team want you on the leather, the pink dots on the top right map are moves that cross the field and kill you immediately when hit.

If it turns out during a match that your chosen character is not for your preferred playstyle, you can take a different figure each respawn, not occupied by another player. After the game is settled and you get credits and metal coins for each character and also for your player profile. If you’ve earned in-game currency, you use it to buy purely cosmetic things, such as emotes and hoverboard paints or mods to improve your skills.

Mods give you minor buffs: 100 more HP, a few percent more damage to a weapon or ability, or the faster waning of negative status effects when you’re frozen or stunned. You cannot equip more than three mods at the same time, this effectively prevents long-term players from creating an overwhelming character.

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Instead of a sprint feature, you use a hoverboard to get around faster. The call takes a few seconds.

Chic looks, exciting fashions, tricks that play noticeably differently and make the matches, especially with a well-rehearsed team, really in a good mood: there is really nothing to complain about. I do it anyway, because the lack of the possibility of running has already pissed me off. The sprint function is replaced by the hoverboard in most of the characters, if you want to run faster in the area, you must first call the futuristic means of transport. It feels like an eternity.

As long as you just want to cross the terrain from one checkpoint to another, that’s okay. However, if you just beat an opponent to the last hit points and they run away, you can’t even get close enough for the killing blow. Calling up the hoverboard takes several seconds and in normal walking you are not making good ground for your opponent. Situations like these reduce the pace of the game unnecessarily and cause frustration when you just have to let the enemy go.

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Bleeding Edge will be released on March 24 for Xbox One and Windows 10 and, like all first-party games, is also included with Xbox Game Pass. I will definitely be playing a lot of matches, as the hero brawler has enough independence and potential to become a real alternative to the best multiplayer dogs like Overwatch or Apex Legends.

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