Bless Unleashed is the new F2P MMORPG from Bandai Namco and was entitled to a new trailer

Bandai Namco presented a new trailer dedicated to the gameplay of Bless Unchained, the publisher’s first free MMORPG.

In development at Neowiz and Round 8 Studio, Bless Unleashed will invite you to explore dungeons with friends, who will also help you face powerful bosses.

Along the way, you explore the lore, discover new combat styles and ways of progression, which promise to introduce something fresh to the genre, say those responsible for this new game.

Bless Unleashed will arrive on Xbox One first and was built with the most dedicated MMO players in mind, focusing on epic multiplayer journeys that take place in a persistent world inhabited by mythical creatures.

Bandai Namco highlights the fantastic visuals, created with Unreal Engine 4, the gameplay focused on combos, with an action style that includes mechanics like dodge and also bet on a game designed for consoles.

Bless Unleashed will arrive on Xbox One and later on other platforms later this year.