Blizzard does not recommend using a mouse for console version Overwatch.

Kojima and Sony are BFFs, Fallout Shelter is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10, and Stardew Valley is getting a physical release. All in all, Saturday starts well. Weekend watch, good afternoon.

Fallout Shelter to Xbox One and Windows 10 next week

Good news for Fallout fans, as Fallout Shelter will be added to the Xbox One and Windows 10 lineup of Play anywhere games next week. De Wacht itself that the mobile version was already a play anywhere title, but that apparently doesn’t work that way. From February 7, you can download the popular ‘warming rack for Fallout 4’ for free and it will get a cross-save function. So now you can play on your PC and further set up your shelter on your Xbox One.

Blizzard does not recommend using a mouse for console version Overwatch

The game is now no longer the title that was first, because after more than a year of updates and tweaks (and cats), Fallout Shelter feels more complete than ever. And now you can also play it with your controller. So February 7, free to download.

Stardew Valley will have a physical release in April

Stardew Valley has been highly regarded in the farming sim genre for a while now. That is not very difficult, since that market is fairly small. Yet it has already been sold digitally 2 million times, but if you are one of those people who would rather have a box in the cupboard, then you’re in luck. On April 13, Stardew Valley will receive a box and a disc in the form of a collector’s edition for the PS4 and Xbox One. This comes with a map of Pelican Town, a mini guidebook, and a code to download the soundtrack, which is pretty relaxing by the way.

Blizzard does not recommend using a mouse for console version Overwatch

Blizzard does not recommend mouse and keyboard for Overwatch console gamers

Overwatch is very popular on both PC and console, but if you play the console version, do it properly; with a controller. Blizzard would rather not have you plug all crazy stuff into your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in order to play with a mouse and keyboard setup. Those things weren’t made for that, and Blizzard is concerned that you’ll damage your device. That’s why they messaged several manufacturers:

The Overwatch team objects to the use of mouse and keyboard on console. We have contacted both first-party console manufacturers and expressed our concern about the use of mouse and keyboard and input conversion devices. ”

Blizzard does not recommend using a mouse for console version Overwatch

In addition, it is simply unfair for people who do play with a controller. With a mouse it is much easier to aim accurately. A small tap against your control stick is often enough to make 1080 with your character and that is not useful for shooters. Blizzard had already grained Torbjörn for consoles last year because he didn’t have to aim much because of the use of his turrets. Since balance is quite a thing in games like Overwatch, it is very important for Blizzard to keep the game fair. Blizzard’s message is simple: If you use a keyboard and mouse for your console, stop doing that.

Mass Effect: Andromeda pre-order trailer

Pokémon Sun and Moon global mission success

They finally did it! Tribute to the Pokémon community, because after two unsuccessful attempts, they passed Pokémon Sun and Moon’s third global mission. A global mission is an assignment from the Festival Plaza in the Pokémon games where players all over the world must work together to achieve the goal. This time it was to trade a million pokémon through the Global Trade System. We succeeded in just four days.

Blizzard does not recommend using a mouse for console version Overwatch

Everyone will now receive 2000 festival coins and if they exchange another million before midnight on February 14, everyone will receive another friend ball. It’s about the gesture or something. The previous two goals were most likely not achieved due to problems with the Global Link feature, but they now appear to be resolved. De Wacht thanks everyone who helped make this possible. Thanks for those 87 Yungoos…

Conan O’Brien plays For Honor

A new Clueless Gamer.

Why Kojima chose Sony

At the RTX Sydney event, Hideo Kojima spoke a few things about why he ultimately opted for an exclusive partnership with Sony. After Konami and Kojima’s parted ways, there were plenty of candidates who wanted Kojima to themselves. He even had someone from the Arab Emirates at his door offering a hefty sum of money. But this is Kojima’s first game that he releases independently and for that he wants a partner he trusts. Sony is that partner.

Blizzard does not recommend using a mouse for console version Overwatch

He and Sony have worked together for 20 years and now know each other a little. That is also the main reason that Sony gives him 100% creative freedom. And let’s be honest; Kojima needs that too. For example, look at the first trailer of Death Stranding in which actor Norman Reedus appears naked. Few publishers would see any benefit in this, but Sony understands Kojima. The bottom line is, the two parties have actually been BFFs for 20 years. Cute.

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