We had a lot of exciting news for you this week, but the excitement was undoubtedly at its peak during this year’s BlizzCon.

The weather outside is starting to get cooler, and in the evenings, those jackets must be pulled together. In such cases, however, the warmth of the home is even more pleasant, where nothing can harm us crouching next to our favorite PCs and consoles. At such times, on a cidery Sunday evening, what could be a more pleasant pastime than going through the most important news of the past week together. We had plenty to write about for you this week as well.

We shot this week’s Hype at a brand new location, which you couldn’t see because of the green background behind the HP, but believe me, our beloved editor-in-chief was actually in a hot tub during the shoot, and Malaysian ladies fanned him with palm branches. However, that crazy green background covered all of that. Well, never mind, let’s see what kind of news we were talking about.

The party in Anaheim and Budapest

BlizzCon 2015 started on Friday, and you could watch the opening with us. I only accept one excuse if you didn’t do this, namely the reason that you had fun at the GameNight, which we organized for the first time in a new place. However, let’s go back to the city of Anaheim, which is not only home to the Duck ice hockey team, but also where this year’s BlizzCon was held. There were, for example, little girls like these:

The most awaited miracle was, beyond all doubt, the first non-camera, not recorded with potatoes, but fresh, official and original trailer of the Warcraft movie. This video also blew our minds, even though we’ve seen one and another over the years. For example, the last time I saw a figure on the tram who imagined himself to be a velociraptor, we live in a harsh world. Also film-related news is that Activision Blizzard is attacking the cinema market, so the Call of Duty movie and the Skylanders series are coming soon. Information about the two appearances leaked even before the event. On the one hand, we got to know the approximate release date of World of Warcraft: Legion early, and almost everything about Overwatch was revealed in the days before BlizzCon. Today, nothing can remain a secret and this is outrageous!

Of course, interesting new information about these games also arrived at the opening. We got to know the characters of Overwatch in more detail, and it turns out that we can forget about the cross-play function and Mac support. We also saw the Starcraft 2 launch trailer, announced the Nova Covert Ops mission pack, and talked about the future of the game. It is possible that we will get the third part one day and the Blizzard guys have not ruled out a Warcraft 4, but according to what they say, it will all depend on customer feedback. An insanely fun new expansion is coming to Hearthstone. We also showed you all the new cards of the deservedly popular collectible card game. Fans of Heroes of the Storm could be very happy, as new heroes are coming, one of which is truly groundbreaking. In addition, the game will also receive a new matchmaking system in the future. Diablo 3 was obviously the black sheep of the show. We only got some information about the next patch, but nowhere is there a new addition. Our sadness is boundless!

Stars are rioting

Star Wars content is coming from two directions, as we have Battlefront and The Force Awakens. Regarding the latter, we were able to get to know the first DLC and visit the planets. A gameplay video revealed a lot of interesting news. A new footage of the unfortunately canceled Star Wars: First Assault has also surfaced. The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens received its Swedish version, the official character posters were released, the Japanese trailer contained new scenes, and a large spoiler arrived at the end of the week, which you can only open at your own risk. Oh, I almost forgot, Disney Infinity 3.0 gets one of the coolest Star Wars villains as a playable character.

Fun after the apocalypse

Fallout 4 is also buzzing around, which is no wonder, after all, the post-apocalyptic role-playing game will be released on November 10, for example, you can already start downloading it on PC. However, on Xbox One, it’s possible that you downloaded the wrong files, it’s worth checking. The launch trailer was truly breathtaking, and as a little extra, Forza Motorsport 6 also received Fallout content. The Pip-Boy application related to the game has been released, and its locked mini-games have already been cracked.

And the rest

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 also got out of the limelight. It turned out that the developers are open to modding, the zombie gameplay was leaked, it was revealed that there will be an arcade minigame again, we lost our minds in a negative sense about the previous generation version (how much nicer the new Tomb Raider looks, right?), and we reported on the about easter eggs. Kaci and EndreMan tried out the exciting Steam controller. We celebrated Mass Effect day with the Mass Effect Andromeda trailer. We talked about the microtransactions of Rainbow Six Siege, the movie The Witcher, a new edition called the Borderlands Triple Pack was announced, it turned out that the League of Legends client will be renewed, and we saw what Gyu’s memorial exhibition was like. There was also time for a Metroid fan film, which looked really good.

Of course, there were countless more beautiful news for the week, but you will have to find them yourself, because I am slowly closing the shop. With a nice drink, feel free to open a SamaGame magazine and read it before going to bed. And then, sweet dreams, but before you fall asleep, don’t forget to mutter our mantra three times, which HP taught us and is as old as the universe: “Get SamaGamet!”

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