Bloodborne Producer Announces Exit of Sony Japan Studio

Bloodborne Producer Announces Exit of Sony Japan Studio

Bloodborne is certainly one of the most talked about exclusives on PlayStation. Released in 2015, the game still doesn’t have a sequel, which generates frustration in fans. According to From Software, the studio that led the development, a sequel depends solely on PlayStation’s permission.

Now the situation has taken on a new twist. Masaaki Yamagiwa, producer of several major games at Sony Japan Studio, including Bloodborne, has announced his departure from the studio. Masaaki thanked him for all the years he was with the company and stated that he will continue producing games. Despite not revealing his fate, everything indicates that he will work in the studio his friends founded.

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The news has certainly caused apprehension in fans, but everyone can be relaxed. Bloodborne as a whole was only minimally impacted by Masaaki’s departure. As mentioned above, the studio that led the development of the project was From Software. Sony Japan Studio only acted as a support studio.

The future of Sony Japan Studio and From Software

Recently Sony Corp. received almost 5% of the shares of the Kodokawa Corporation. The company in question is one of the largest in Japan and owns the From Software studio. In short, the two companies have never been as united as they are now.