Bokuten Novel – Why I Became an Angel Removed from Steam Due to Mod

Of Steam deleted visual novel Bokuten – Why I became an angel due to the presence of sex scenes and explicit content. But the game had been in the store for several months previously, and the studio Overdrive and publication MangaGamer completely purged all explicit content from the Steam version.

The entire Bokuten team has invested countless hours of work into versions of the game for adults and the general public. And we were shocked that it was banned without warning. Bokuten is like a child to us and the game deserved better. Please buy it from the official publisher

How absurd, Valve banned Bokuten 8 months after its release. The team spent months cleaning up the game for Steam, removing all nudity, rewriting or omitting all candid moments, passed a rigorous test, and disappeared without notice or explanation.

Valve Harshly deals with more than 18 materials, but some time ago the store and the erotic game makers came to a compromise: the game can be released if all controversial points are removed or censored. And until now, it was believed that if the project passed the verification process, nothing else threatened it.

Shortly after the game’s deletion, Valve nevertheless sent the creators an explanation: they would have added an “adult” patch that would open all prohibited content, including sex with minors.

However, Overdrive and MangaGamer assure that this mod can only be downloaded from the official site, and that it has never appeared on Steam servers. As an example of such a patch, the game’s authors cited erotic modifications for Skyrim: they can be installed using the same method, but no one plans to ban the game Bethesda

The creators of Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel are hopeful that the misunderstanding will be resolved and the game will return to Steam. In the meantime, you can buy it from the publisher’s official website.

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