Since its inception, Apple has always been innovative but not profitable. However, before consolidating the most valuable company in the worldThere were already those who were interested in taking a good chunk of their stock. One of them, Michael Jackson.

According to a book published by the singer’s friend and manager, Dieter Wiesner, Jackson was interested in teaming up or even buying Apple. In his post, Wiesner set out to save important moments in the star’s life, which include his facets as a visionary business genius, a loving father who cared about family and friends and most of all as “a man who has inspired millions of people. ”

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Michael Jackson wanted to own Apple, Marvel and Disney

The book titled, “Michael Jackson: the real story” reveals how the singer tried to raise a billion dollars through Swiss or German banks to partner or buy Apple, Disney and Marvel.

In the publication which was produced electronically, documents and the contents of the voicemail messages were attached which reveal the King of Pop’s plans to make this plan come true and why it failed. One of these messages (addressed to his manager) specifies his aspirations:

When you receive this message, call me right away. What I want to tell you is a very high secret! I need a German or Swiss bank, I want to raise a billion dollars with a Swiss or German bank, but you have to keep this completely confidential! It is an incredible acquisition that I want to make. ”

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Beyond being an eccentricity of an artist known for these, as Wiesner pointed out, Michael Jackson really made many investments which today maintain his legacy as one of the most valuable in the world. Entertainment. In addition to the millions generated by his work, in life the singer has taken control of the reproduction rights to the songs of The Beatles. An excellent sample of your business vision.

Michael Jackson’s desired acquisitions and business partnerships included Marvel Comics, Disney et Apple. If Jackson could have executed his plan, he would have been one of the richest people in the world and, if possible, had a bigger impact on popular culture. So maybe we will remember him as the CEO of the world’s largest entertainment empire.

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