Borderlands 3 Review: Blood Reward, an extension without the same spark as the second. And tarnished by English

Weapons, Love and Tentacles was a big step in the first extensions of Borderlands 3, after this hesitant start with Moxxi’s Blow to Jackpot the Handsome. And we found it to be one of the best DLC in the series so far, watch out.

However, with the third, titled Blood rewardWe can say the opposite: we are facing a worst. Or worse. Get out of the pile, anyway. Without the spark of its great expansions, in part because of the total absence of secondary charismatic characters. And the English voices don’t help …

Once upon a time, in wild hell …

Yes, unfortunately, this expansion comes no dubbing in Spanish Due to the breakdown of COVID-19, but 2K Games has made sure that everything is back to normal, the voices for this extension will be added in our language. So if you don’t mind waiting, we recommend that you hold on until they’re there, as it’s extremely rare to see how the English voices mix with those that were already in Spanish since the game. principal, in Sanctuary III and others. You have been warned!

And where does this expansion take us? To the planet Gehenna, or more precisely to the Vestige region, with a theme that evokes us at the time of the far west… except in Borderlands 3, he mixes with dinosaurs. And everything to put an end to the outlaws Demojinetes, a criminal gang who uses these beasts as riders to scare the inhabitants of the city of Vestigio.

We went to this distress message to see when things get complicated and the situation in this region changes completely. What is curious is that on this planet we will meet certain blocked elements that we will not be able to use until we are certain gadgets that will give us new skills for chamber researchers. Some improvements that will serve us both in combat, to release a sparkling discharge or make a temporary WOLOLO, as well as to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

It’s the best thing about this Blood Reward expansion and the original and good, if we stick to the rest, where he suffers from charisma not only because of some fairly aseptic new secondaries, such as Juno, Titus, Oletta or Rose, but also because of the absence of known faces from the Borderlands saga.

If in the previous extensions of Borderlands 3 There was, for example, Moxxi and Tina Chiquitina, here there will be no one who has won our hearts for free from Borderlands and Borderlands 2. And that makes him lose enough integers, come on.

An extension of Borderlands 3 without “reward”

Borderlands 3

Neither history nor side quests come from another world, except for a striking moment in the last section, with a stamp to see. In addition, there are no surprises and even fun situations are weaker than before. Even the soundtrack is not at all inspired, pale with the superb BSO of the recent Desperados III. This, yes, good storyteller at the Bastion.

It is played with more desire all we can unlock, by introducing more legendary weapons, or this additional experience to improve our character and / or his guardian rank, more than for what is given as an extension, far below Captain Scarlett and his pirate booty, to name a few a remarkable.

There are, of course, new hunts, with newly created creatures and rare experiences that will be done with pleasure if we are looking for 100% of the game, while having a series of chests, old film strips and various cards in the background. treasure to scrutinize. . In the latter case, analysis of the indices of each image on the map …

The different parts of Gehenna are conspicuous, but not too large. And that we also have a new vehicle that is quite fast and with ultra-fast fire: the motorized beast. There will also be interior parts, of course, with some very deep and a certain scene near the last stretch which reminded me of what I experienced when I entered Rapture in the first BioShock. Wink or chance?

Anyway (both games are published by 2K Games, by the way), Borderlands 3: Blood Reward It remains like a very spoiled trip despite the introduction of interesting elements in the franchise … even with his final boss.

VidaExtra’s review

Finally, this third expansion is a step backwards for Borderlands 3, which is a shame to see how things were done with the previous one. In addition to no dubbing yet in Spanish makes it stranger to get into Blood reward. Better wait for those voices to come. Patience.

Borderlands 3

Blood reward

Platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One (analyzed version)
Multiplayer Yes, local (two players) and online (up to four)
Developer Gearbox software
Company 2K games
Launch June 25, 2020
Price € 14.99 (or € 49.99 with the Season Pass)

The best

  • The new mechanics to unlock
  • The narrator of the story
  • The new legendary loot


  • That we continue without more playable characters
  • Voices could not be dubbed yet
  • Secondary without charisma

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